• Edging-less Progress

    It’s been almost two weeks since I completely stopped my edging and masturbating sessions in favor of concentrating on rewiring and prostate awakening.  Since then, I have had 3 Aneros sessions and daily Aless sessions, to the point of being constant.
    I must say that my sessions and Aless have all been far superior to what I was experiencing before.  My brain is now focussing on my prostate and not on my genitals.  I can maneuver my massager (H-Syn and P-Ice) far better.
    I’ve not given up on bate/edging altogether but for now, I’m appreciating my progress. I must admit, I’m horny as heck but I will try to continue on my path.
    It’s amazing how each one of us is different in every aspect except one; we enjoy what our journey is giving us no matter at what level we are.


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      09/20/2016at1:34 pm

      @GGringo If you’re not edging, I assume you are still practicing semen retention. You must be horny! How are you surviving?

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      09/20/2016at7:24 pm

      @GGringo, I am glad you are enjoying and having fun in your sessions these days. Good will have of this!

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      09/20/2016at10:36 pm

      @goldenboy, the last time I ejaculated was a few weeks ago when I reported a minute volume of semen in my last bate session.  Yes, I’m getting horny but having said that, I’m trying to leave no option for my mind/body to relieve itself via Aneros sessions.  It’s getting closer as I’m circling around the pot. 
      I woke up middle of the night last night, I was in sweat and tingling all over.  I think it might have been some sort of mini Super-O but I’m not sure.
      @BigGlansDC yes i’m having fun.  My sensations are way back up there where they were before I embarked on my aggressive edging sessions.  My mind is more in tune with my prostate and far less with my genitals.  This is why I mentioned we are all so different but with a common objective.

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