• Missed by one stroke! No, not golf!

    Missed by one stroke! Yes, my edging exercise was pushed one stroke too far and ejaculation was eminent! There went weeks of successful edging exercises with no ejaculation. I must have gotten cocky (no pun intended).
    My point of this post is not about the one stroke miss but rather the effects the ejaculation has on me. Suddenly, even a day after the ‘spill’, it seems my refractory period is still lingering; no sex drive, my Aless attempts are almost fruitless, I don’t look at my wife body with wicked thoughts and I can hardly get an erection for more edging. This is why I keep saying that ejaculation is too draining on me.
    I must be getting old or something. Now, the count starts again.
    Life is wonderful!

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      08/08/2016at6:23 am

      No, GGringo, it is your body’s way of telling you that it needs some down time. Your horniness will return in no time! 🙂

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