• Wow is all I can say!

    I can only write a quick blog this morning as I’m pressed for time.
    I had a session Wednesday night and tried a different internal lube (inspired by @BigGlansDC).  I injected 3/4 of a cc of Pure Virgin Olive Oil instead of my regular water-based liquid lube.  I lubed up my Helix-Syn as usual with water-based jell and went to work.  I should say, the tool went to work almost immediately.  This thing was floating and providing sensations I never experienced before.  Was it the lube or just natural progression of my rewiring process?  At this point, I must add that I performed a lot more Kegel exercises during the day, again inspired by my friends @BigGlansDC and @goldenboy. Who knows but it was great!
    Last night, I repeated the process but with 1 cc of the oil and my Progasm Ice.  Again, the session was beyond any other I had before including the Wednesday one.  No Dry-Os but very very strong P-Waves where I thought ‘this is it, this is the night’.  Thinking about what @rumel wrote recently about over-analysing situations, I backed right down and used only very very very slight PC and Sphincter contractions and tried to relax as much as I could.  I finally had to end the session but my innards were objecting strongly.  They wanted more!
    Later, during the night, I experienced something, again as never before.  I woke up and I thought I was having a bad reaction to the olive oil; I was sweating, trembling feelings everywhere and strong tingling in my fingers, chest and almost everywhere.  I thought, Great, my wife will have to take me to the hospital but it slowly subsided.  Luckily, she never woke up during this episode.
    Today, thinking about all this, I’m almost thinking that my prostate continued to work well beyond my session and it got me one step closer to the unknown.   I have had no other symptoms or reaction to foreign liquid (the oil) hence my theory.
    If in fact this is the case, I might be closer to the stars.  If all is well, I should have another visit with one of my toys tonight; the last for approx 2 weeks.
    Finally, so far this morning, since I woke up, I have been riding this relentless wave of Aless; we are also riding a heat wave and my wife is stripped down to a very light and loose top; looks great! I’m sticking around.
    Life is really wonderful!

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      08/27/2016at5:50 pm

      @GGringo, I hope you have a great two week vacation RVing with your wife!
      Extra virgin olive oil is all natural. I haven’t heard any bad reactions by other Anerosers on our site.
      Your prostate working beyond a session is a good sign. That is the basis of Aless, an awakened and active prostate. Now here an idea for you, try to engage your Aless with the Kegel Exercises, and try to notice what affect the Kegels have on your bating and edging sessions.
      Also I think that your absence from the Aneros will make it fonder for you. That has been my experience when I had to cease my regular sessions for one reason or another. I find that when I return to my Aneros tools in sessions, Aless prepares me for them!
      Here in DC today the skies bright blue with brilliant sunshine. It is that Bermuda high above the mid Atlantic. Our heatwave will continue until next Wednesday. More temps in the 90’s are called for in the extended forecast way into September! 🙁 But you Cannucks will have relief soon enough! Take care!

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