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    In the last several weeks, I have noticed a reduction in my Aneros and Aless session’s progress. In fact, my Aless sessions were no longer giving me noticeable results to the point where I almost gave up on them. I was no longer waking up to a ‘horny’ erection and my A-sessions had plateaued. The only progress I was making was in my edging activities; I was edging at least once a day, sometimes more. My progress in that area took me to MMO but unfortunately, it was consuming most of my sexual energy.
    I thought my 2-week absence from my routine would bring things back to the levels they were a month ago but it was not the case. On the positive side, I took advantage of these two weeks to really push hard on my Kegels as suggested by @BigGlansDC.
    Following a few inquiries from Experts on the Forum, I came to the conclusion that my high penile activities (in my edging) might be impeding on my prostate reconditioning. Last Sunday, I made the decision to greatly reduce penile activities and concentrate on my rewiring journey. I can always return to these enjoyable activities once my goal has been reached. Of course, once in a while I will indulge in delicious edge/bate/ejac. sessions.
    I waited until today to write this blog hoping to be in a position to comment on the turn of events. so far, I had several ‘horny wake up erections, a few VERY sensation laded Aless sessions and one GREAT Helix Syn session with another one planned for Friday night. There is also no doubt my increased Kegels are helping me. Thank you @BigGlansDC!
    There is no question on my mind that one affects the other. My penile activities helped my mind keep control of my sexual life instead of letting my prostate wake itself up and rise to the task of providing me it’s share of pleasure. As I’m writing this, I am getting a good Aless buzz going on down there; something I had not had in weeks.
    More to follow on this topic.


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      09/16/2016at12:49 pm

      @GGringo, I wish to thank you for your acknowledgements for the Kegel Exercises. I do think that Kegels will help you along in your Aneros sessions. You will develop your PC muscle which may give you firmer erections. As your prostate awakens, your Aless will also develop. Also your sessions with Helix Syn and Progasm ICE will give you positive feedback. It will just get better and better. Just relax and enjoy and have fun!

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      09/16/2016at1:17 pm

      @BigGlansDC, thank you for your words of encouragement; I appreciate your support. Have a great day!

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