• Most important update

    I have not updated in some time and I want to get this very important message to you. I have a session 2 or 3 times a week when I can have a couple of hours to be alone with myself. Knowing oneself this is…

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  • Finding Higher Orbits

    Hello my fellow Aneros citizens. Sorry for not posting my story the last month. It has been my good fortune to be extremely busy with work and keeping up with everything in my life. The good news is I have been having my sessions with…

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  • Riding Eupho

    Last night I felt ready to have a session. I have been stressed and busy so I was happy to have some alone time. The Mrs dozed off and I awoken ready for a session. It is funny when I know I am ready I…

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  • Yin & Yang

    My buddies are working hard for my favor. I just had to have another session with Eupho-syn before I re-visited Helix-syn. All went as good as the previous session and I am just loving it. Well Monday I made it home early for a quickie…

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  • Prom night

    Since my last entry I have had 4 sessions and all spent with my new best buddy Eupho-Syn. Meeting Eupho was like going out with the most popular person. I was amazed how big a punch he gave me and always was left very satisfied….

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  • Helix-syn delivers another great night.

    It is called a Helix for a reason. I just had to say that. Well came home after 12 days of travel with a 8 hour jet lag. I am still pooped 3 days later. But I jumped into a late night session the first…

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  • Knowing my moods

    Well I have been so overwhelmed with work and obligations I have not found the time to up date my blog. The night of the blood moon I had the best session to date. I knew I was going to enjoy the ride. I did…

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  • Comfortably Numb

    Another late night session in the peace and quiet. It felt right to lube up and go down stairs on the couch. This experience was so good. I was thinking as good as all of the sessions put together. My rewiring could not feel more…

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  • Wife finds Ice Buddy

    I had another great day alone with my Aneros buddies as the wife called and would be late as she was having a bite to eat with the girls after work. I actually started with Helix then Helix-Syn and ended up with Progasm Ice and…

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  • Bringing it On

    This note is for my last 2 Sessions with my A friends. Monday I left work early for a home alone session for over 4 hours. A few folks were ringing my phone looking for answers. Well my answer is I am rocking this old…

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