• Riding Eupho

    Last night I felt ready to have a session. I have been stressed and busy so I was happy to have some alone time. The Mrs dozed off and I awoken ready for a session. It is funny when I know I am ready I will awaken my self from sleep no alarm needed. My body needs it. I was thinking that the rewiring process is a journey with all of the effects of Aneros sessions are cumulative. Every session has been getting better than the last as long as my body is rested and ready. If I am exhausted I don't ever bother. So last night I am riding with my buddy Eupho and the feelings were great and kept getting better and stronger. They would not stop. I would stop my slow gyrating to catch my breath for a moment and than start back right where I left off. Things got so intense I finally passed out. When I awoke I was saying OMG, my dear lord, wow. I was exhausted and could not continue so I just went back to bed and slept soundly until the Mrs. Alarm went off. I rode Eupho and it screwed the hell out of me so I am feeling good with how great it was. I can't wait for my next session. If it was up to me it would be now. SoFunLoving…

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