• Helix-syn delivers another great night.

    It is called a Helix for a reason. I just had to say that. Well came home after 12 days of travel with a 8 hour jet lag. I am still pooped 3 days later. But I jumped into a late night session the first night back after working all day playing catch up. Just had to spend time with my buddy. Even in the condition I was in I was aroused very quickly and had several orgasms over the next couple of hours. The best orgasms to date. My rewiring felt great the next day. I am now officially back home. When I was traveling I ordered the Eupho-Syn package. That makes 4 Aneros buddies now. I am hoping to have a late night with my new Eupho-Syn tonight. Still playing catch up with long hours at work but a boy must have fun. SoFunLoving…

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