• Comfortably Numb

    Another late night session in the peace and quiet. It felt right to lube up and go down stairs on the couch. This experience was so good. I was thinking as good as all of the sessions put together. My rewiring could not feel more natural and my desire to change is a beautiful feeling. My bottom has blossomed into knowing the Syn and embracing the action of swelling and riding my sweet spots. I really held back on contracting and rode the horse more with feel and experience. So pleasurable to embrace. When I had to stop I took a moonlight swim and went to bed. Woke up with raging hard on. After showing and cleaning up I was in such a good feeling mood. I have also been noticing my breasts are developing into man boobs. I wonder how many of my friends here are growing man boobs? I love them. Well the wife has not said a word about by prostate massager and I am good with that for now. Tonight I expect I will do the same and take a swim under the Big moon and eclipse tonight. SoFunLoving

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      10/18/2015at5:40 am

      Enjoy the journey! I'm in love with my helix syn. Best wishes.

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