• Yin & Yang

    My buddies are working hard for my favor. I just had to have another session with Eupho-syn before I re-visited Helix-syn. All went as good as the previous session and I am just loving it. Well Monday I made it home early for a quickie and visited with Helix. I think Helix knows I was seeing another buddy and laid a good screwing into me. Maybe the best ever Aneros session all within a 90 minute period. The Mrs was exhausted and passed out. I got up and decided to see how Eupho would respond to the challenge. The moon was in half phase and it reminded me of the Yin Yang symbol. So fitting for my current sexuality. I was floored with the response from Eupho. It screwed me better than ever. OMG I am so sedated. Well I haven’t had a TO since last reported and decided it would be good to release. While being screwed by Eupho I massaged the fold under the head of my dick and came to a happy ending. Yin and Yang. I will report for the Halloween sale I ordered the Peridise set and expect these tomorrow. Extra fulfillment for my pleasure. My breasts now have developed into a B cup. WTF do I need a bra? SoFunLoving…

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