• Finding Higher Orbits

    Hello my fellow Aneros citizens. Sorry for not posting my story the last month. It has been my good fortune to be extremely busy with work and keeping up with everything in my life. The good news is I have been having my sessions with my buddies and will now bring you up to my current experience. I have been very fortunate that my anal sensuality is a vibrant world of pleasure. I have been having sessions 2-3 times a week and most sessions are better than the previous as I keep exploring my world. Yesterday I was able to get home early as the wife was working and I really wanted to feel it. I was able to get to that orgasmic place that is so freaking good and I cry out for more until exhausted. Wow just thinking about it brings the satisfying feeling to my pleasure zone. I want it again so I am hoping the Mrs will pass out early and I can spend time putting myself back into orbit. Nothing could be more right. As all of my readers that are still with me I have found an easy dollar store device that helps with the sessions. This is a back support for the arch. A bent wire frame to will in the few inches of the small of the back with a tightly woven web to support your back. When you lay this flat under your hips it acts as a mini trampoline for your rocking and gyrating so much better action than a pillow. Left side, right side, lay on the back it all works. I throw a light blanket or towel over it and ready to ride. Couch, love seat, bed does not matter. I can really ride and follow the rhythms of my Aneros world. With each session taking me to higher orbits of satisfaction. Another thing I notice I really know if I am not rested and ready I will only have an average session at best. So I try to work to make the times when I will have the best orgasms. I like to peak at the right moments for sessions. As they wear me down and the longer I can enjoy and not pass out the more enjoyable I feel. May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sofunloving

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