• Prom night

    Since my last entry I have had 4 sessions and all spent with my new best buddy Eupho-Syn. Meeting Eupho was like going out with the most popular person. I was amazed how big a punch he gave me and always was left very satisfied. Last night was like Prom night and I was sneaking away as Eupho took full advantage of my sexuality and had his way with me. I was so overwhelmed with the biggest longest lasting O’s or OMG’s. I had several and they lasted from 10-20 minutes. I would get up for a quick stretch and Eupho laid back down with me and took me to ecstasy over and over again. This was the best session way-way better than all the good rewiring previously. I am so pleased and very happy with the aneros dream lover’s. I had to stop due to the Sun coming up and get ready for work. Poor Helix doesn’t know I have a new squeeze and he is my best friend. I will have to see him again before he suspects I have found another lover. I do hope Helix is up for the BIG o’s now that Eupho opened my door. SoFunLoving

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