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Super Orgasm Description and Tips

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Progasm Jr, riding for about an hour and a half, lying on my stomach.

I was really horny so putting it in was immediate pleasure. And for an agonisingly pleasurable hour and a half, I rode nothing but p waves. Like that was the lowest, most minimal level of pleasure I felt the entire ride.

I was lying on my side, knee up, but I thought, switch it up. Let gravity do the work. DEFINITELY the thing to try. So I laid on my stomach.

BOOM instant Super O that would not stop climbing.
BOOM straight into an immediate Mini O after that. They almost overlapped.
BOOM immediately into a HFWO.
BOOM immediately into another HFWO.

I COULDN’T HOLD BACK, I started humping my bed, BOOM ANOTHER ONE!

I started wanking and had 3 more ejaculatory orgasms back to back!

That was 8 orgasms within about 5 minutes. The first of which being that Super O which itself lasted almost a minute on its own! This pro Jr! 

I think inducing Super O has something to do with the muscles at the “back” of my rectum. Like where my coccyx is. 

Super O as far as I can describe it:-

It feels virtually identical to a traditional orgasm, it’s the same pleasure, and you go over the edge and it just kind of “expands” or “builds” right before the ejaculatory reflex starts.
Except the ejaculatory reflex never kicks in. The pleasure just keeps building and climbing and it just stays there. My hole was throbbing and pumping as if I was ejaculating, so it still felt like the ejaculatory reflex sort of “half” kicked in but it wasn’t centred on my penis. It was just my prostate, rectum and hole that was throbbing. It was more of an internal pleasure, certainly the most satisfying orgasm I’ve had. Ever. It was full body again. VERY familiar to the dream induced orgasms I’ve had and wrote about on here previously. So glad I was conscious for this one.
It immediately rolled into a mini o after it finished, but it felt like if my mind wasn’t completely fried by the amount of pleasure I was going through I could maybe have kept my concentration focused and held it longer or maybe I could’ve pushed it higher, I was definitely consciously pushing it to keep building in intensity.

TL;DR - Progasm Jr, on stomach, let your body go on autopilot and just do/echo what feels good. 

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