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Is Anal Douche underated?

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I bring this up because I have been having marathon session over the past couple of days.(House to myself, some time on my hands etc). Yesterday I had at least a 1 min ejaculatory orgasm, I had a Lelo inserted and was contracting my PC to help me O and edge at the same time(30 min edging or so). And I have noticed that when I douche for some reason the Os are stronger and easier to do. Also yesterday, I noticed that I was clenching my anus when I was playing with my dildo because I was worried something other than the toy would come out but luckily I had douched so I just relaxed and let my anus do whatever it wanted, knowing I was empty. This led to my first Super O with a standard dildo :O and a bunch of halfway decent standard Os. This has led me to be more aware of what I was unconsciously doing and now that I am aware it seems to have unlocked a whole nother level.  

So to my question. Does the community find Anal Douche helps them O or be more relaxed? I know from what I read it is optional especially if your regular and recently took a poo. Maybe it shouldn't be optional or at least stated it might help turn you on?

I know there is a risk newbies might over do it but for me, I will starting doing it more frequently. Before if I wasn't going to get to frisky and I just poo'd I would forgo it.

P.S In Regards to turning you with the Anal Douche a long while I was going to get frisky and I was pretty turned on to begin with. So I cleaned downstairs and at the last min I decide to whip out my Magic Wand and I just let it ride on the perineum and wow. I couldn't even get it up to have trandiontal orgams afterwards I was so wiped out.  

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Personally, anal douching makes me more horny as water is flowing by my prostate. This makes me extra prepared. I am one of those regular, however there is a waste sometimes high up in the range of penetration so I clean up to avoid surprises. Still learning though as it is difficult to know how much water should come in and emptying is not always pleasant.

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Certainly makes me feel safer and more comfortable about playing a lot with a lot of toys. The water and water based lube together makes things very slick and super lubed up. For sure, enema clean out with a small bulb is amazing! I never ever do a session without a clean out.

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I always do an anal douche prior to any anal play and always enjoy it! Keeps any residue from contaminating the toys and keeps the rectal area slippery after applying lube.

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I always just clean out the chamber with my toilet bidet.  Toys come out spotless.

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I take supplementary fiber just to help things along (Pure for Men), but don't regularly douche.  I make sure I have a BM before a session (I try to go ~30min before I start) and then just before I begin a session I will prelube my rectum.  There might be a little bit of cleaning that needs to happen before my finger comes back clean but that assures me that I will have no trouble with a session.  Diet does make a difference though!  If I eat a lot of peanut butter or something not too dissimilar, there is usually more to clean out and takes far longer, and in that case I'll use my Prelude bulb as anything else is not worth the hassle.  I do generally find washing my hands to be easier than the Prelude besides that, though. 

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I always douche before the session. I've had a few where I didn't, but those are a rarity. I just prefer feeling clean and not have to deal with possible smell when I take the toy out.

I've also been taking psyllium husk for years. I started doing it because I wanted to improve my numbers 2s, but psyllium also turned out great for aneros sessions because my cleanups are much simpler now.

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