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Using aneros while getting massage.

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Hey guys just finally made an account . I have been using aneros on and off for years . Going a long time without one I recently just bought the aneros EUPHO. 2 nights ago I had a mind blowing super O after about 1.5 hours of back to back minis , the feeling is unbelievable , truly hard to explain . I felt as if I was being lifted directing off my bed. Elbows digging in.  Prostate glowing and feeling as if the orgasm was coming out from it . Literally groaning tensed for Atleast a few minutes . Hottest thing in my life . Tried again this morning with no success but tonight I’ll have the house to myself and going to try a session . Nipple play for me is key . 
but I have a question.  Has anyone had a relaxation massage while having there toy inserted ? I can have a less waves , but I’m thinking of getting a massage with it in . What do you guys think . Love the community thanks so much 

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What if you have a super-o and flop around on the massage table like a beached dolphin? 

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Haven't tried that - for fear it would pop out. But have had a secure butt plug in during a teeth cleaning, and it made it a lot more enjoyable.

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@the_bishop This is certainly a fair question!  I guess it depends on what the goal of this exercise is... certainly a massage would be relaxing and perhaps aid in achieving a super-o if that is your goal.  But I agree unless the massage therapist is in on the exercise and goal the spasms etc... might be a bit surprising to them.  If they are part of the session they likely could assist in achieving a super-o by administering massage techniques designed to really relax you and help you get to nirvana.  If it's just to experience some p waves etc... that seems somewhat risky depending on your level of control.

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