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Calm seas experience (+ proprioception theory)

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I wrote a testimonial on my most successful session ever. I'm gonna explain some of the stuff here, but I encourage you to have a read before: I just felt... Amazing

First of all, I'd like to say I don't really care what I felt actually was, I just know I felt it and that's more than enough, I don't need to label it. However, I do think labels and descriptions are helpful for communication, and I want to communicate what I felt with you guys, as I might help someone. And after doing some reading on the forums, I think what I experienced would be classified as a "calm seas orgasm". But I will call it calm seas experience for myself, since I wouldn't call it an orgasm.

Anyway, let's start by saying I smoked weed before the session. I know it's not necessary for the magic to happen, but I wanted to do it. First, I watched some porn and became pretty sexually aroused, then I inserted my MGX (it's a modified tail-less version). Again, modifications aren't necessary. I was laying on my back, feet on the bed, legs covered with blankets. And this is important cause it allows you to relax your legs in different angles than bare naked. After insertion I watched porn for a little longer, but eventually I just closed my eyes and listened to it. I was pretty aroused and I started to feel some heartbeating in my prostate area. These beats were localized pleasurable sensations.

Now, I'm not so sure what happened first, but I remember feeling a bit of a rush, which usually gets me out of the mood cause I get scared. This time, I tried to relax, and the feeling didn't subside. I really slowly put some binaural beats (these ones) while trying to hold onto the sensations.

Then I just turned the lights off and closed my eyes. As I said, I'm not exactly sure about the order these feelings arrived at, so keep that in mind. I started slowly rubbing my nipples, which itself brought me a lot of pleasure. And I got into a really really relaxed state. Both physically and mentally. And I'd like to point out the mental component, because that might've just been the key to what was to come. Now I'll try to explain what I felt physically and mentally/emotionally separately, cause they deserve their own explanation.

Physically: The prostate heartbeating became more intense and eventually it felt like the pleasure was radiating from my prostate area. Slowly the pleasure got into my penis, my legs and my core. I still rubbed my nipples but very slowly, each stroke bringing me a rush of pleasure from them. I'm not so sure the prostate and the nipple pleasure were connected, but I think they were. During all of this I was so relaxed I didn't move a single muscle from my core down, at least not voluntarily. I did have some mild leg twitching for a while, and I would feel my sphincter muscles contract lightly. This pleasure wasn't anything like a traditional orgasm, it was just a continuous rush of pleasure that radiated from my prostate area. It didn't feel like an orgasm at all. More so, it felt like I was feeling my muscles and that brought pleasure along with it somehow. I have a theory about proprioception that I'll discuss below.

Mentally/emotionally: Now, if describing physical sensations is hard, this is even harder. When the pleasure started radiating from my prostate, I began to feel both euphoric and calm. It was a feeling of fulfillment, joyfulness, relaxation, euphoria and enoughness. I think the proper word is bliss. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is true. I felt happy I was feeling all of that, I was relaxed, and I was also euphoric I could feel that. And it did feel like it was enough. I felt content. I think that was an important mindset milestone. I wasn't chasing it, I wasn't thinking I wanted more, I didn't think I should hold onto it. I just felt it.

Eventually it subsided. I can't say for sure but I'd say it lasted a couple of minutes. Could be less, could be more. I don't care. I just know I was in disbelief. This is the most fulfilling experience Aneros has given me in the 4-5 years since I got my first model. And what did I experience you might ask? Well, it all resembles the calm seas orgasm many people talk about here. Simply put, pleasure coupled with a state of bliss and profound relaxation.

Unfortunately, I can't really give concrete advice to anyone who's reading this and wants to experience it. I think this was 99% mindset driven. What I can advice is: Relax, both physically and mentally. Rid yourself from the burden of expectations. Just go with the flow. I know, it's easy to say. But think about it. What are you achieving by chasing something you can't even grasp yet? You really can't expect something you don't know what feels like. Just ease your mind. What's the worst thing that could happen? You massaged your prostate and you relaxed for a while. That's the worst case scenario! Don't let frustration win. Just relax and feel. That's all it takes. Once the time comes, let it happen. Enjoy every second of the experience. Be content with it. That's my advice. As a bonus, it's not necessary, you can use some weed, preferably indica. At least it helps me relax and focus on the feelings.


Now, let's get into the proprioception stuff. I'll quote a paragraph from a Reddit post I read, which made me have a realization:

"Its all about proprioception. You know how you are aware that you can feel your arms and legs in space? That is called proprioception and we have good fine tuning in frequently used muscles. For example, if you think about your biceps you will "feel them". If you think about your fingers, you can feel each individual finger. You can develop this fine control in the prostate/pelvic floor muscles over time. Its not a natural movement per se so it has to be developed. Similar to learning how to ride a bike or doing a backflip, the feelings and movements usually dont come natural and the fine motor control happens over time. Over time your brain creates this pathway and fires more efficiently.".

Basically, I think this pleasure expansion from the prostate may be due to proprioception. Maybe even a part of what we feel as the prostate is sensing the surrounding muscles. Cause it does feel like it. When you focus on your legs, arms, neck, etc., you feel them. You don't feel their tension, you just feel them, you know exactly where your fingers are in relation to your hand, your hand in relation to your arm, your arm to your body. Somehow, that "propriocepting" can turn into pleasure. Or at least that's the theory. You begin feeling your prostate, then the surrounding muscles, then maybe the penis, the thighs, your core. You name it. Eventually it could lead to a full body propriocepting wave of pleasure. What do you guys think about the theory?

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Great write up bobi. 

Posted by: @bobi1990

Its all about proprioception. You know how you are aware that you can feel your arms and legs in space? That is called proprioception and we have good fine tuning in frequently used muscles. For example, if you think about your biceps you will "feel them"

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts. In the gym/lifting world,we call it the mind muscle connection. It’s a real thing. Stare at it,feel it contract,feel each fibre fire. It reaps benefits as you have seen yourself.

Personally it was calm sea orgasm for me.

Thanks for sharing!

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During some of my favorite aneros experiences, I'm in a state of being extremely aware of every part of my body at once. It's like I'm grounded in my body more fully, and the attention that I might only give to one body part at a time, is spread out to include everything. It feels profound, wonderful, and "right" in a way that maybe this is how it's normal to feel, and how I actually normally feel is broken in some way.

But those experiences mostly only happen when I've taken THC in some form (which is unfortunate because I don't like some of the other things weed does to me, so I keep my use infrequent).

It makes me wonder though... how much awareness of your body is normal? If it can vary by such a huge amount in one person, maybe there's different levels of normal all over the place. Like what's normal for me just going about my day, might feel crazy and numb to someone else. It also makes me wonder if I was always like this, or whether I've become so slowly dissociated over time, that I didn't even notice it happen.

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Sounds like you had a good time!!

I definitely think that proprioception has something to do with prostate play and pleasure in general. I too have brought it up many times as well on this forum and with friends, though in different terms, both in praising in Alexander technique for helping me with body awareness, and championing caressing to build the mind-skin connection. I also think imagination plays a huge roll, because simply feeling your body isn’t enough to create orgasmic pleasure. That is why marijuana helps so much, because it lets our brain wander to strange places.  And then there is arousal, because without arousal, sensations are interesting without necessarily being sexual.

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This reminds me closely of what I called the first ever p-wave I had about 3 weeks into my journey initially.  This same thing I have yet to experience a second time (that was a year and a half ago). That mental/emotional description of a euphoric bliss matches mine and that pleasure and fulfillment felt so special and so good.  It was the first ever special feeling I got from aneros use.  For me physically it didn't feel like it was emanating or radiating from any one point, it just flowed throughout my entire body in a simultaneous fashion.  The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes.  I've never tried the mj during aneros use because the few times I did try it in the past I very much did not enjoy the feelings it gave me.  So it is possible without it I suppose.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will feel that again, I think I can but the state of the world plus my life situation has steadily degraded my mental well-being and I'm very much not in a good place right now.  I felt like all my re-wiring was undone about 10 months ago and have been chasing it too hard ever since.  Sessions still feel nice but nothing special and certainly no super-o's which I did achieve a few months after getting my first model.  Several things have to progress and change in my life before I can move forward with this journey again.  Hopefully all that comes in the foreseeable future (it should if all goes to plan).

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