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Help on two topics that scare me: "Rewiring" + Super-Os without Aneros

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Hi there,

I purchased a Helix Syn a few months ago and have tried it out a few times. A few weeks ago, I had a session and think that I might have had a Super-O or what was one. I started getting a lot of warm sensations and then felt out of body, which then lead me to jerk off as an escape button.

I think that there are two things sitting in the back of my mind that are inhibiting me from re-trying the use of this. I have to preface by saying that I'm someone who is in pretty tip-top condition with my physical and mental health. I do not have an addictive personality (minus having a sweet tooth from time to time) in general, but I would say that I have a very large sex drive. 

My two areas of concern:

"Re-Wiring" -

this term freaks me out a bit. My concern is that I open pandora's box and something happens that drastically impacts my life. People have talked on this chain about how the Aneros products can change their whole outlook. To me, that takes me beyond my comfort zone of what I can and cannot control in life. When I've read posts about re-wiring, I get a bit uncomfortable with the unknown of what this can unlock.

I'm looking to see if someone can find some calming ways to explain this phenomenon so that I don't feel like I'm going to become a completely different person on the other side (note: I'm incredibly happy in my life right now). When I read articles online about prostate massages and prostate orgasms from sites like GQ or Men's Health, I am not as overwhelmed because they don't talk about the existential impact that using a prostate massage can have on your life. 

I don't know if this is a good point of comparison, but I will throw it out there: in recent years, I've become a firm believer in the act of mindfulness to calm my brain down when I get overwhelmed. I would not say that it's changed my outlook on life, but it's definitely a tool that I can tap into to help alter my mood and body. Just like mindfulness is an act of meditation, is "re-wiring" similar in the event that it can help be another tool in your toolkit to help bring calmness to your life? 

Having Super-Os without Aneros

So quite a few people on this form have said that they're at a point where they can Super-O just by thinking. I read this article ( and the thought of being able to orgasm without any device freaks me out in the event that, for some reason, I have an orgasm in some random situation (ie: in the middle of a work meeting, driving, out to dinner with friends). I think that the article, which seems to be incredibly un-substantiated, put me a bit over the edge in terms of what could happen.


Any help that you have would be lovely.

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