• Spa Day

    Today was a Spa Day. My wife was going shopping, and I enjoyed a big part of the day during which I was alone and could enjoy myself. I began with a tiny puff of herb, then followed with a quick shower. I closed off…

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  • Spring 2012 – Fully Immersed

    As Spring came on this year my wife was required to be away from home for a few weeks. We hate to be apart, and I dreaded it. But I also know that I make my best progress with Aneros play when I have privacy….

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  • Silk

    I have been writing several installments to this blog which provides some of my history. But now, I want to jump into the present. Today, my wife had a job interview. I wished her love and luck and she was on her way, and I…

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  • Winter 2011 – More Learning

    As the dry orgasms got more familiar, I developed the ability to relax more during them, and thus to focus on the sensations. Then I began to be able to distinguish more nuances within the feeling. What initially I felt as a rather blunt pleasure…

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  • Fall 2011 – Early learning

    After receiving my MGX in September 2011, I began doing regular sessions, twice a week, of about 20-30 minutes each. Initially, I found the feelings uncomfortable. The fullness was unfamiliar to me, and I had a few cramps. It was very difficult for me to…

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  • Retrospective on One Year Anniversary

    I'm just finishing my first year with Aneros toys and other dry- and multiple-orgasm explorations, and what a fabulous year it's been. I started as a complete skeptic at age 54. Now I'm more than just a believer. I now have access to so much…

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