• Fall 2011 – Early learning

    After receiving my MGX in September 2011, I began doing regular sessions, twice a week, of about 20-30 minutes each. Initially, I found the feelings uncomfortable. The fullness was unfamiliar to me, and I had a few cramps. It was very difficult for me to get comfortable, to relax. But I did press on, convinced there was something to the concept of separating ejaculation and orgasm, but also in part because I believed it to be good for my prostate.
    As the months rolled by, I continued my regular sessions. I began watching porn, and enjoyed the build-up of arousal. I began ending all of my sessions by masturbating to ejaculation. That felt good, and I slowly began having an expectation of an enjoyable solo sex session whenever I used my MGX.
    I read the through the archived forums with fervor. As I read through thousands of postings by the Aneros community, I learned and tried new things. I read CaveOfMystery's "Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O," and began exercising my PC and sphincter muscles daily. I would do Kegels while sitting at my desk at work.
    These exercises soon yielded results: I began having tingling sensations. I enjoyed my work more than ever!
    By December 2011 I had tried smoking a tiny bit of cannabis during a session. I also played music by "Liquid Mind" or other ambient or hypnotic artists. The combination was excellent, and I began having contractions and pleasure waves on a regular basis. I had fewer and fewer "dud" sessions.
    Through the following months of the winter, I began experiencing small dry-Os. It is important to note that I did not identify these as such for many more months! I had the feeling of stronger and stronger "impending" orgasms, but I did not recognize a crest, as in ejaculatory orgasms. For the first time, I ended more of my sessions without ejaculating.

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