• Spa Day

    Today was a Spa Day. My wife was going shopping, and I enjoyed a big part of the day during which I was alone and could enjoy myself. I began with a tiny puff of herb, then followed with a quick shower. I closed off the bedroom and turned on a small heater to let things warm up a bit.
    It wasn’t long before I was ready for my first session with the Helix Syn in several weeks. I’d done some Anerosless sessions and a Peridise session, but otherwise, I hadn’t had much in the way of opportunities.
    My sessions tend to be fairly short, a half hour to 45 minutes. But when I can have a Spa Day, I usually stop, rest, have some tea or a bath, then have a second session a bit later. So it literally becomes several hours of pleasure.
    It was a bit tight getting the Helix Syn in, though I’d lubed pretty liberally. Once in, though, it went wild. I began with some very light nipple touches. I just graze my thumbs over them, then wait for the echoes and waves, wait, then do it again. Very quickly I began having small orgasms, and they became bigger and more powerful. Some seemed to rival the biggest I’ve ever had, and then they began running together. I told myself to relax and enjoy this, I give myself permission to have this pleasure.
    I rely a great deal on two things: sound and visualization. For sound, I use either iDoser, an iPhone app with binaural beats and music and sound effects; or I listen to meditative music. Among my favorites are Steve Roach, particularly his albums “Structures from Silence” and “A Deeper Silence.” I also listen to David Darling’s Musical Massage albums and any albums by Liquid Mind. I also like Kelly Howell’s “Ecstasy”.
    What I call visualization involves any kind of fantasy explorations and other mental play done in order to build arousal. I’m sure this is the key to everything involved in achieving this kind of ecstasy.
    It seems that my fantasies change pretty frequently. I suppose I get a bit bored by the routine of a familiar fantasy. So I seek variations. Currently, one of the strongest visualizations or fantasies that I find myself involved in is that I have inhabited a woman’s body. In fact, I have both male and female bodies and I can almost instantly switch back and forth. I find that I usually put myself into my wife’s body. I can feel my nipples, my breasts, then I relax and open my legs and let myself be penetrated. Sometimes I feel it more in my ass, sometimes more in my pussy. At some point the pleasure is so immense, and I just find myself relaxing and falling deep into it, unable to sustain any tension. My stomach tenses and relaxes, from around my navel down, and waves of orgasm fill my stomach, my pelvis, my ass, my balls, my perineum. Sometimes I feel a squirt, as if I’m ejaculating, but it continues. At times I feel my penis has become a small fountain and cum flows from it continuously, but of course I’m dry.
    Then I switch back into the male body and visualize the pleasure of my penis entering her. “I’ll do anything,” she always says to me, in this fantasy. These words make me crazy, and I find new heights. I feel a million tiny bubbles flow through my balls and through my dick, through my lower stomach. I visualize that my penis is two feet long, and I stand over her, slowly moving just the last six inches in and out of her. The rest of my dick tingles in hopes of making some kind of contact. I can reach down and stroke different parts of myself. I relax my ass and feel her finger dipping in me. Consciously work to maintain a relaxed state. The contact of her finger and my nerve endings is so incredibly good!
    I took the Helix Syn out, slowly. I was working now to relax and ease it out. I need to relax the grip my ass has on this toy. Still, I kept having small contractions that would fight me. Relax, let it go. I slipped it out finally.
    I ran a hot bath. Today is Spa Day. I slipped in and enjoyed a nice long hot bath, then turned on the whirlpool jets. Usually this is enjoyable, but not sexual. The fast bubbling action is a bit too stimulating. But today I found a good spot, and I was able to relax and let the water run over me gently and I stroked my nipples and had a few more small orgasms.
    I walked the house naked for a bit. Had a cup of tea, a bit of lunch, and sat on the couch to relax. I put a warm shirt back on, and put my music headphones back on. I had another hour of almost continuous orgasms or pleasure waves using KSMO techniques. Eventually I had to begin tapering down. Pleasure at this level is so addicting. I promise myself another short session later. My wife and I have been flirting back and forth today about making love tonight. I’ll be ready!

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      01/13/2014at1:23 am

      I have experienced many of these same feelings I have only been riding 3 weeks now

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