• Silk

    I have been writing several installments to this blog which provides some of my history. But now, I want to jump into the present.
    Today, my wife had a job interview. I wished her love and luck and she was on her way, and I decided to have a short Aneros-less session, using iDoser. I set up a 15-minute dose of "Green". It was our first cold morning of the year today, and I was already wearing a super lightweight silk longsleeve shirt for warmth. I slipped on a silk thong. Then I lay on my back, knees up, just like I do in my Aneros sessions. Within seconds I had a contraction in my perineum. Through the silk I gently made light circles around the outside of my nipples. Then I ran my hand across my stomach. I began incorporating vocalizations and humming, and some of the things I've learned from practicing KSMO techniques.
    Normally I do my sessions naked, and this was my first time stroking my nipples through cloth, particularly silk. I've often used baby powder or KY Warming Gel on nipples, and this was one of the things that really accelerated my rewiring.
    My first touches telegraphed straight from my nipples to my prostate. When I do this, it feels almost like an electrical jolt about an inch deeper than my perineum, with additional low-toned vibrations which spread through my pelvis, especially into my penis bulb, balls and ass. Those vibrations remind me of the touch of a bow on a cello string. The string is big, thick, and the low, scratchy but mellow vibration instills whatever is in its path.
    As I would breathe in, I would visualize my anus opening up and the oxygen rushing to the nerve cells within. Breathing out I would relax and feel the charge building from below all the way through my stomach muscles.The cello string vibrations passed to the silk thong, which quivered between my cheeks.
    Orgasms began rolling, one after another after another. At first I was smiling, then they got stronger and I was vocalizing louder. I alternated nipple touches with very light belly rubbing. Whenever I would feel tension come, especially during the stronger orgasms, I tried to consciously relax, focusing on letting go of all musculature connected to my penis.
    At last I began to fantasize about my wife. I visualized her in a naughty nurse's costume, finger inserted into my anus. She moves it, then stops. Her finger sits there, suspended in my asshole. Then she leans over and begins kissing me. As I fantasized the kiss, my own lips formed a sucking motion and I went into hard, spasming orgasms. I whispered out loud that I loved her, and this lead me to the partly crying, partly laughing stage. I was in full bliss.
    I got up after a bit of rest and prepared my Helix Syn. But I never got the chance to put it in. Interruptions began, and I realized my entire, wonderful experience was only about 20 minutes long.
    My wife got home. She had stopped by the grocer's and picked up a bottle of wine. After almost two years without a job, she had been hired on the spot and starts tomorrow.
    Tomorrow will be another wonderful day. I think I'll wear silk. I think the Helix Syn will come out and play.

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