• Retrospective on One Year Anniversary

    I'm just finishing my first year with Aneros toys and other dry- and multiple-orgasm explorations, and what a fabulous year it's been. I started as a complete skeptic at age 54. Now I'm more than just a believer. I now have access to so much pleasure, so much enjoyment, and a whole new frame of mind. I've learned much about how my mind works in the process. I think it is fair to say that I have had great success with these methods, incorporating Aneros, KSMO sessions, amygdala tickling/clicking, music, binaural beats, cannabis, nipple play, stomach rubbing.
    My goal today is just to establish this blog, get something down in black & white, so that I have a place to explain my journey thus far. As I organize my thoughts offline, I'm hoping to go through some of the steps I've gone through, and especially focus on some of the many things which have helped me along the way. Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle has been allowing myself to open up even more to many new types of sexual fantasy, which has greatly increased my arousal level. Raw desire and arousal are the drivers of this process, I believe. The other techniques are here to enhance that arousal, to drive the desire to greater heights.
    My greatest joy is that my wife is now becoming a greater partner for me in this journey, and her arousal is getting stronger after a difficult time for her over the past year.
    More later.

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