• Winter 2011 – More Learning

    As the dry orgasms got more familiar, I developed the ability to relax more during them, and thus to focus on the sensations. Then I began to be able to distinguish more nuances within the feeling. What initially I felt as a rather blunt pleasure became more and more exquisite as I was able to feel as different kinds of contractions in different specific areas.
    Now I believe that there are pleasures happening almost everywhere in my body — in my prostate, in my anal area, in my stomach, in my nipples – all at the same time. The fun is in focusing on how that body-wide pleasure manifests itself at different points.
    I continued combing the forums for more information, and realized that it was because of trying to confirm my expectations about what I should be feeling. My expectations did blind me for a while from realizing what was happening to me!
    There was a time when I wondered, "is it possible that there is no such thing as a Super-O?" And when writers to the forum questioned its very existence, there were quick responses from the more experienced members that one needed to reconsider his expectations. I think I misunderstood this statement! It did not mean that I should *lower* my expectations. To me, it meant I had to understand that I was having these Super-O type experiences, but not focusing and relaxing enough to feel all that it was offering me.
    It's been said often in these forum and blog pages: you allow it to happen; or you allow yourself to *feel* what is happening. That would be my realization. But it would take a few more elements to help me fully understand that.

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