• First one with my wife

    Well last night I felt like using my toy. I had not in a while even though my wife had been trying to entice me to do it for some time. I just wasn't in the mood I guess. Well last night I came to…

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  • Peace, calm and time

    I am still at that stage that I need to concentrate to be able to really feel anything. So at home it is not easy. My wife gives me lots of space to play, but her presence next to me is rather disturbing. So I…

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  • No doubt this time !!!!

    Alright, this time there was no mistaking it for something else. I am sure I got a major one, which actually relegates the one(s) I had before as minor ones. I was horny last night. The week had been long and full of disappointment professionally…

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  • Fifth: Awesome but… there is more I'm sure

    I think I had an orgasm… or that I was very close to one… I can't really tell. Either way, that session was awesome. I did not manage to resist and had a fourth session on Saturday night. Nothing special. It was with my wife…

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  • Third, partly with my wife

    I tried my third session in the evening. I did it without the hypnosession mp3s and I might have missed on something here. I started by relaxing and breathing after the insertion and getting myself aroused. I then experimented with contraction strength and body position….

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  • Second try: this time I was prepared

    This time, I came prepared. On saturday, my wife and I went to a sex shop and got some needed things (more lube and cleansing equipment). I read some more on the subject and quickly figured what I did wrong on my first time. I…

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  • My First Time

    My wife bought me my Helix for my fortieth birthday. Yes, we are one month in advance but she got all excited that I wanted to get myself a sextoy. She is of the opinion that everybody should own a sextoy and does not have…

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