• No doubt this time !!!!

    Alright, this time there was no mistaking it for something else. I am sure I got a major one, which actually relegates the one(s) I had before as minor ones.
    I was horny last night. The week had been long and full of disappointment professionally speaking and somewhere more personally as well. My birthday (fortieth) was last sunday and I had spent the day at the hospital with my son that had to be operated in a hurry for a bad appendicitis.
    Anyway, while the family watched TV, I went upstairs and got ready for bed. I inserted my Helix and, lying on my side, started reading some rather hot literature (If you can call it that) while breathing deeply.
    After a while, I got so horny that I started the contractions, trying, as usual, to match the strength to get maximum effect on my prostate.
    After a while I put my pillow under my lower back and concentrated on the feelings. The reflex contractions appeared out of nowhere and I felt the very good feeling spread through my body. I rode that orgasm for quite some time and it was awesome. Every time it threatened to come down, I concentrated on some naughty thoughts and tried to find the right spot inside and it continued.
    I was unfortunately interrupted by a phone call but still managed to get a small one afterwards. Unfortunately, it died down quickly and as my legs and abdominal muscles were starting to ache, I decided to call it a night.
    When she came to bed, I was very proud to tell my wife about it.
    I am actually so glad to have been able to get there that quickly. I did not expect anything but pleasant sensations last night and I was very happy to have gone above and beyond my expectations.

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