• Third, partly with my wife

    I tried my third session in the evening. I did it without the hypnosession mp3s and I might have missed on something here.
    I started by relaxing and breathing after the insertion and getting myself aroused. I then experimented with contraction strength and body position. I definitely felt some p-waves and even found myself moaning at one point, which I found pretty encouraging.
    My wife joined mme in bed after about one hour and I figured it would be nice to have her help me get more aroused.
    She used her toy on herself while I tried to get some nice feeling from contractions, but my position was reversed compared to what I am comfortable with and I lost it.
    It was not so bad though and I found myself very aroused with a very willing wife and ended up finishing inside of her to our mutual gratification.
    It seems like the Helix has a tendency to block the ejaculation long enough for it to build up to some incredible heights. I can tell you, and that orgasm was absolutely fabulous!
    I plan onwaiting for Monday for another session. By then I will ben by myself in the house during the day (I'm on vacation) and I will be able to take all the time I need… Well a least if I can hold until then 🙂

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