• My First Time

    My wife bought me my Helix for my fortieth birthday. Yes, we are one month in advance but she got all excited that I wanted to get myself a sextoy. She is of the opinion that everybody should own a sextoy and does not have any problem with me doing stuff with my butt.
    I have to admit that I have been curious for a while now, but I had hesitated to cross the bridge. Now it is done and I am quite happy about it.
    I unpacked my gift and wanted to try it. I had read some about how to go by it, but I was not really ready in a lot of ways.
    Let's check my shortcomings:
    – first all I had was silicone lube and I quickly figured that it was probably not enough,
    – then I just inserted it and tried to do very short medium hard contractions, which did not do anything.
    – my wife was lying next to me looking at me expectantly and asking; "do you feel anything?"… definitely annoying.
    Result: I did not feel much of anything. I certainly touched my prostate as I was leaking seminal fluid but I did not know what to expect and could not quite figure what I needed to do.
    I did not start this expecting anything. I just wanted to see what it felt like and that is exactly what I got, so I am not disappointed.

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