• First one with my wife

    Well last night I felt like using my toy. I had not in a while even though my wife had been trying to entice me to do it for some time. I just wasn't in the mood I guess.
    Well last night I came to bed past midnight after a gaming session on the computer and read a little while waiting sleep to come. My wife was asleep next to me and I caressing her plus reading some smutty part in my book made me horny. As she did not seem receptive, I decided to use my toy and enjoy myself.
    As much as she doesn't like my masturbating, she doesn't mind my toy, on the contrary. I spooned not too close to her )it's been hot as hell lately( with my Helix inside and caressed her softly while contracting lightly to get that special feeling where the head caresses the prostate in time with the contraction, you know, not too hard, not too soft.
    I was going at it lazily, not expecting anything and just enjoying the feeling and the smoothness of my wife's body. After a while my body took over and the contraction started in automatic mode. I just tried to keep the intensity low so as not to crush mt poor prostate. It took a while but my wife, hat did not dare move or intervene but was here with me, started to moan and encourage me without word or touch.
    I felt it coming and so did she and I could feel the smile in her sympathy moans.
    I did not get to go for a second one as she decided she wanted to use me for her own pleasure, but that's another story.
    I'm so lucky to have a wife that not only does not mind my helix but even encouraged me to use it.

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      08/02/2013at1:04 pm

      Absolutely Blak4dr!! Very lucky man indeed!! Great results you are having!! My wife has joined me in my prostate massage practice and added aneros seven years ago.
      See my blog here for some of our great couples advances, if you like. Hope we can chat in the Chat Room here soon. All the very best to/for you both!!
      artform/ Art

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