• Fifth: Awesome but… there is more I'm sure

    I think I had an orgasm… or that I was very close to one… I can't really tell. Either way, that session was awesome.
    I did not manage to resist and had a fourth session on Saturday night. Nothing special. It was with my wife in bed and I admit that the snoring and snuggling are really a turn off. I guess I should have skipped this one but you know, I'm like a kid with a new toy 🙂
    Anyway, as I am on vacation, I decided to wait for today. This morning (I set the time of the post to the local time here in France) I waited until my kids and wife left (and yes, as you have gathered in my previous posts, she knows and approves) and got ready.
    Now, getting ready is another matter. I have noticed in my previous sessions that my body had a low tolerance for water based lubricant with glycerin in it. After just a few minutes, I need to empty my bowels and this is not convenient at all.
    So I cleansed myself with my tool and got everything ready. This time, I wanted to go with the "on my back" position. I have read some since the last entry and it seemed to be a favorite of a lot of people. So I put a pillow under the towel that I spread on my bed and got naked. I lied down comfortably and injected lube in my butt before inserting my Helix.
    As an aside thought, I go with silicone lube. As I said earlier, the glycerin in the water based one does not agree with my digestive system and the silicone works fine. I seem to use an awful lot though and after the first injection of about 6cc, I had to do three more of 4 or 5 cc in one hour time. After each injection, I feel the difference in the way my Helix moves inside so I guess it is worth it.
    To come back on topic, I put my headphones on and after comfortably lying down on my back I started my hypnoaerosession CD1. That thing is really a miracle tool and I followed the instruction, relaxing myself and then getting myself aroused… until my sister called me on the phone… nice timing sis…Getting back in the mood was not as painful a task as I figured and soon I found myself getting really aroused.
    When it was time to start the contractions, I could feel the pleasure waves running through my body and I abandoned myself to the pleasure I was feeling. Caressing my body and playing with my nipples was awesome and I still feel tenderness in my left nipple from teasing and pulling on it.
    After about ten contractions, my body started to take over and my hips were jerking trying to get that sweet feeling on my prostate that diffused throughout my body. The involuntary contractions were started and I felt pleasure invade me. The p-waves were awesome and I rode them for as long as I could.
    I think that then I had a nice orgasm. I don't think it was a super O as it left me wanting more, but I think I had a nice average one.
    I finished my session with a nice traditional penile orgasm.
    I am happily surprised that I managed to reach such nice pleasure so quickly but I feel like there is so much more to it. It seems like the rewiring process is progressing nicely. I have to remember to stay patient and without expectations during my sessions.
    I am going to read some more on the subject and try to train my body and anal and PC muscles to manage a good control of my contractions. I have seen a few nice posts on the forum on the subject and I will try to ride that wave.
    I completely got the part where that type of orgasm is as much mental as it is physical and I keep a very open mind searching for the little sparks in my body and brain that will one day light my fire 🙂

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