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ICE versions of older Aneros models

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This thread was posted in the general discussion thread, and someone suggested posting it here.

I have a Progasm ice and really love the super smooth feel it has; looks pretty cool as well. I think it would be really great if other Aneros models would be available with the "ICE" material/finish.

Anyone know if there are plans in the works for this? Seems it would be fairly easy for the manufacture to offer other models in this material.

I would like to purchase a few more Aneros models, but would really like them in the "ICE" material/finish. Many users, including myself, sand and polish the surface of their Aneros to a super slick and polished finish. We pay a premium for Aneros products (worth it IMHO); why not offer potential customers the product they want right out of the box?

For those that would be interested in "ICE" versions of older Aneros models please respond here.

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I would like to see the Ice version for one of the most modern model, the Helix Syn (by shape only) The P-Tab would have to be more round like the P-Ice as it would be too pointy with lack of flexibility.

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I second [USER="54633"]busdrvr[/USER] and @GGringo in their suggestions for ICE versions of older Aneros models, such as Helix, Eupho, MGX, and Maximus. I also suggest that the Aneros, Inc. produce Ivory versions of those older models. Progasm Ivory is awesome!

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Ditto; I've spent a great deal of time and effort polishing my Helix, Maximus and old Progasms (the Progasms all broke). It would be nice if the rest of the Aneros line were offered in Ice finish/mat

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Yes please! I would not hesitate to buy a maximus if it came in the ice plastic...the classic I purchased the plastic was EXTREMELY grippy even with lube...I have an old mgx and helix classic which feel nothing like the texture of maximus i have.

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