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A model for walking around

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There are several instrumented insertable devices for women that work with smartphone apps such as the Elvie pelvic floor trainer. I think something like this from Aneros that both males and females could use, perhaps a sensor-equipped Peridise/Tempo or similar device, that would not only count squeezes and level of contractions but also be able to distinguish between specific muscles (PC vs. anal), and help coach the user on isolating certain muscle groups and strengthening them.

There are some APPS like MyKegel that allow the user to customize kegel workouts with different timings to determine how quickly or slowly to squeeze/hold and release/relax the PC muscles, and how long to rest between the reps, and setting the number of reps, as well as setting up various levels with different workout routines on each level. A significant limitation with most of these APPs is that they only provide the options for how long to squeeze/hold muscle contractions and how long to rest between muscle contractions. There are no options for how quickly or slowly the user should build up to a full or partial squeeze or how quickly or slowly to fully release muscle contractions — or to direct something like holding less than a full contraction for a user-designated time interval.

Having an instrumented insertable device to work with a smart phone APP as a personal trainer would be really awesome. The APP would not only COUNT kegel contractions but offer a whole host of training routines to include contractions that measure 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full muscle contractions (to practice squeezing at different levels), plus allow the user to customize workouts with how long any particular muscle contraction should build, and to what level, and how long the user might be required to hold a contraction at a specific level (e.g., a half squeeze), how long the release should take and how long to rest before the next rep, etc.

Of course, the APP should record workout history and help the user develop a more sophisticated ability to isolate and control the PC and anal muscles. Such a device would also encourage users of Aneros products to do regular workouts with the ability for the user to schedule alerts or reminders in preparation for properly using the Aneros products and improve the muscular health of both male and female pelvic muscles ... hence a better sexual response, in general.  I know I would personally invest in such a device and smartphone APP...

Thanks for considering!!

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Boy Troy,

Thank you very much for your input.  We are very much aware of the devices that you referred to and had considered this kind of technology with respect to a women's device we were working on. But we haven't seen as much interest with respect to a men's product.  There had been some consideration of this as a product for our parent company, High Island Health that has more emphasis on the "health" end of sexual health and wellness.  Stay tuned on this one.

Your Aneros Team

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This week I received my first Aneros: MGX SYN TRIDENT SERIES. I have got a book written by a doc on the prostate.

He recommends walking around with the Aneros daily for an hour. Well, today I did - the only problem: I didn’t feel anything. Don’t believe that thing touched my prostate at all. Naybe that Aneros is too small?

Any recommendations regarding a different model, a quite bigger one?

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In the summer, I spend at least an hour a day, pushing a lawnmower around the lawn, and the Progasm seems to do the best job tickling the prostate.  I hold it firmly in place with a micro thong, with the narrow portion cradling the handle.  It's worth a try.

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