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Sleeping with Aneros

Sebastian Miński
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I find one of the criterion of the official recommendation tool confusing. It says: 'Extended sessions (might involve sleeping with your wearing it out during the day). The tool than recommends 'syn' version.

- Can these models be used during sleep?
- What in so specific about syn versions that they allow that?
- Does it get any additional benefit to have this kind of long session?

Thanks for all the answers in advance!

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Syn is smoother and less irritating when it dries from lubrication. Also glides better due to smoothness. If you sleep in same bed as your spouse, might want to reconsider as you never know what might happen when the Aneros gains control!

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I've accidentally fallen asleep with different aneros models inside me, and it has never produced anything interesting. It seems if I'm not paying attention to the sensations, they get completely tuned-out. And that goes for doing anything else unrelated.

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