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Are these feelings ...
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Are these feelings normal or did I overdo it?

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I recently purchased a Psy and got around to using it yesterday. It did feel decent but it wasn't perfect (need to buy better lube that doesn't dry out so fast).


Afterwards I actually was left with a sensation that can only be described like if my body was still trying to orgasm somehow. The feeling lasted for the rest of the day, didn't feel it the next day. Is this normal or did I just overdo it? I was wondering if I possibly strained my prostate because I've never done prostate play before.

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Don’t think you can overdo it! Sounds like you had a good session and your prostate was wanting more!

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Short answer - IMHO totally normal.

Particularly in earlier phases of my journey I’d feel levels of excitement all day long after a morning session.  It does subside or did for me (unless I want to get fired up again)

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