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What happened?
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What happened?

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After the quiet solitude of a non-eventful transition into the new year, I decided to top off my first night of 2023 with a Helix Syn session. I’d given myself a couple of days off to relieve a bit of soreness. 
Digressing on this last point, I’m not only adapting to the initial insertion but am actually enjoying & even crave the tension it creates, as well as the relief as my Aneros settles into place. 
I put in my earbuds to relax with a new isochronic beats recording which was especially relaxing. Lubed & loaded, I curled into a comfy fetal position and eventually drifted off. 
With no idea of how much time had passed, I dreamt that my body was quivering to an orgasmic experience. After kinda waking up in a hazy state, I went to the bathroom for a pee. I laid back down without removing my device and eventually experienced another different dream but still orgasmic. 
No ejaculation occurred.
Did I have a real dry orgasm while asleep?
I’m so new to this.  
Wet dreams leave evidence behind. 
How would I know? 

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Sounds like a great night to me! Dry orgasm? Very likely, but who cares? If it was good enough to question, you had a great time!

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