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Hybrid Lube…confused

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Hi.  I have been reading about what is the best lube for anal sex/anal toy play and I keep running into “hybrid” lubes that are sold by a host of vendors.  I guess they are a mix of silicone and water based ingredients.  I’m puzzled that some websites say hybrids are perfectly OK with silicone toys, and some say they are a no-no for silicone toys.

Has any of you tried any of these hybrid lubes on Aneros syn products?

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I believe the official stance from Aneros themselves is to not use silicone or petroleum (Vaseline) on any of their silicone models.

I personally would not take the risk of using hybrid lubes, one brand could be OK while the other is not, plus if they do damage the toys, it could be very gradual and then one day you discover that your Aneros is all sticky and the finish is ruined, then there is no going back... 

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