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Tips for me on my journey so far?

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Long post warning - I wanted to thoroughly document my experience so far, in the hopes that folks would be able to advise me on how to break through to an orgasmic experience

Some background. First-time forum poster 🙂 I'm 26y/o, had the helix syn for probably 4 years-ish and I've used it on and off. I didn't have much success early on so I'd say it's mostly been "off" for that period of time. In the past 5 or 6 months I've been focusing a lot more on my progress and I've advanced quite a bit but have yet to experience anything that I would consider an orgasm. I have more or less entirely stopped masturbating - the only time I ejaculate at this point is during sex with my gf. I definitely feel like I'm reeeeeal close a prostate orgasm, though. Especially the past two weeks.

I unfortunately don't smoke weed (makes me psycho/paranoid) which is a shame because I feel that could be something that gets me through the "final mile". I ran through all the "mindgasm" lessons a while back and had mixed results. I will say that series helped me take the "do nothing" technique seriously and it wasn't till I listened to those lessons that I had any awareness of my prostate/subtleties down there. In fact, now that I know that "relax and feel" works, I look back on all the PC/sphincter contractions and realize that I really didn't ever get much out of those. Still don't, I find that they actually distract me more than anything, and I can get to much higher arousal/pleasure by just relaxing and feeling. (Please let me know if there's something very wrong about this mindset...a lot of what I read here and on the forum centers around contractions and I am currently not incorporating voluntary contractions at all, so I would like to know if this is misguided). Ultimately I hit a wall with mindgasm and found it to be too repetitive and too time-consuming for the amount of progress I was making with it.

Then I read the infamous "Truth about rewiring" post and that really helped a lot. I've been doing a ton of aless sessions which are going great (maybe even better than my aneros sessions, oddly) and I've been noticing my sensitivity increasing more and more. I feel building pleasure - higher and higher - but I have yet to "orgasm" to my knowledge.

Here are the most notable things I have been feeling:

  • throbbing in my forehead, right in the middle just above my eyebrows
  • throbbing (to match the forehead) right around the middle of my pelvic bone/pubes area (this is what I can only describe as "laundry drying machine feeling". Feels like rolling/tumbling)
  • swelling "pressure" buildup centered in the general genital area, inside my body
  • pinching sensation inside my body, right around the base of my penis
  • electricity/tingling feeling from my belly button to my knees, most intense in my pelvic bone area and oddly in my fingertips resting on top of my legs
  • involuntary muscle spasms in my torso and legs
  • involuntary tension in my upper thighs (this one is noteworthy as it relates to the next bullet)
  • sudden release of tension in my upper thighs which leads to heightened arousal and very intense tingling/glowing pleasure in my genitals, mostly my balls and pelvic/prostate area
  • heartbeat rate increases, normally corresponding with arousal or signaling some imminent arousal increase
  • general throbbing of anus and prostate, with pleasurable glows (this is when the aneros is moving about on its own, normally)
  • the feeling of blood moving through the veins in my arms, if I'm really really relaxed
  • tingling to the point of numbness in my penis and balls. This normally occurs at very high levels of arousal when my heart is going fast, when I'm getting radiating waves of pleasure from my prostate and throbbing on and off, all around.
  • very recently I've noticed a lateral, smooth contraction feeling in my pelvic bone, right above the base of my penis. This feeling starts on the left and right side of an imaginary line drawn from the top of my pubes to the bottom of my pubes. It feels like the contraction closes in from both sides. It seems voluntary in the sense that I have to focus on it in order to feel it, but I'm not sure that I'm actually doing anything with my muscles to make this happen. I'm not sure if this feeling is anything or if it is relevant. It is most prominent at very high levels of arousal

I have a few different techniques/regimens that I feel work for me, and I alternate between them when I feel I've hit a wall in my arousal-building. I do these both aless and during an aneros session. I'll outline them quickly.

Technique 1: Lie on my back. Normally with my legs straight/extended but sometimes with my knees bent and my feet on the bed/couch. Relax completely and center myself around the forehead/pelvis throbbing and pulsing (this feeling is with me basically at all times now). Then, I calmly visualize an imaginary point in space that is perpendicular to my penis by maybe an inch or two away from my body. I focus on this location with my mind and with my body I consciously feel any/all sensations, including but not limited to those in my genital area. Normally the "zoned out" body focus leads to waves of butterflies and glowing, ever-increasing pleasure and all of the feelings in the bullets above. I consciously attempt to keep my mental focus away from my genitals and the feelings, and allow my body to soak up all the sensations.

Technique 2: Same position as technique 1. I think the essence of this one is the same, but it manifests a little differently. Instead of focusing my mind away from the pleasure, I focus very very deeply on it. Generally I focus on my prostate, or where I understand it to be. I try to focus so closely that it's almost like I'm looking past the sensation that I'm actually feeling. Like I'm peering into the fog. When I do this, I can feel a very subtle glowing feeling of mounting pleasure and arousal. Sometimes this comes on suddenly (when I zone out) and other times it comes on very slowly. When it comes on slowly, my focus is on the new, heightened pleasure each time the intensity increases

Technique 3: This is really just an addition on top of the first two. Sometimes, when I feel that I haven't made any notable increases in pleasure for a while, I will attempt to layer in some contractions. Normally I find this does not do much, instead it distracts me from the things that I was previously feeling. Recently, however, I've noticed that my sphincter and PC muscles wind up contracting themselves over time, to a level that is comfortable to maintain for as long as I want. Additionally, I recently tried "flexing" the tip of my penis and it did seem to launch me into a heightened state of arousal (though not any higher than I have been able to achieve without contractions.


SO...why am I posting for the first time? I'm hoping that a more experienced user can read through my experiences and provide tips, or give feedback on my technique. Over the past month or so, I'd say that I have been making forward progress (increasing my upper-bounds of pleasure) very consistently. I'm not sure whether or not to simply keep practicing, or if I'm going to top out at my current stage (that's what it feels like right now).





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helix syn

Funny enough, my Helix Syn and me are just becoming close friends now after six years of neglecting it and prefering my Eupho Syn so far. Don't know whether you might ever have tested a prone position. I am usually prefering to lie on my stomach, but one leg drawn up by about 90 degree and my respective arm mirroring that position. This gives my body a slight turn and my crotch a bit space.

As my latest experiences showed me, my Helix Syn needs more body movement than my Eupho Syn. While my Eupho is kind of dancing inside my bum, the thicker Helix wants to be bumped from gyrating my butt. Off course these are my special personal experiences and must not be generally applicable, but perhaps it may be a chance for you to get things going.

"Less is more" has been a helpful recipe in my whole journey, no matter what has been in question.

Not knowing how often you have sex with your girl-friend, it still can be too often to collect enough energy for your prostate experiences. For example ejaculating every week can already be too often.

Not knowing how often you have your Aneros or Aneros-less sessions, it still can be too often. A good idea is to skip any session you don't feel the urge for. Doing sessions on a daily basis I'd estimate to be too often. Doing sessions on a schedule basis I can't recommend either.

After weeks of Aless sessions, I yesterday felt interest for a Helix Syn session and it has become a wonderful session. This morning I felt so intrigued that I couldn't resist to have another session which felt even better. I'd say I let my prostate decide whether I'll have a session or not, but I guess the next one won't happen before the weekend.

Posted by: @orangejuicedrinker

I will attempt to layer in some contractions

Not knowing how strong your "some contractions" are, it still can be too strong. I remember that I once read about minimizing one's willingly executed contractions to a minimum would be a game changer. It has even been recommended to focus on the idea of a contraction only instead of really doing it. It hasn't been easy but it has been so much the more helpful to me. Somehow this minimalist approach strengthened my focus effectively and reinforced my orgasmic vibes substantively.

Only my 2 cts here, still hoping some of my ideas make sense for you and can help you with your journey.

Good luck and best wishes, Mart

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I unfortunately don't smoke weed (makes me psycho/paranoid) which is a shame because I feel that could be something that gets me through the "final mile".

THC can be an aid but it really has to do with dosing level. First, I don't recommend you smoke it as you can't accurately dose yourself. Low dose (<5mg) edibles are a better way to go IMHO, the THC is metabolized differently in edibles into a different compound with slightly different psychological effects. Another alternative consciousness adjuster would be low dose (<250mg) dried p. cubensis. These doses are low enough that normal DMN functioning is not impaired but sensual awareness is enhanced.

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SO...why am I posting for the first time? I'm hoping that a more experienced user can read through my experiences and provide tips, or give feedback on my technique. Over the past month or so, I'd say that I have been making forward progress (increasing my upper-bounds of pleasure) very consistently. I'm not sure whether or not to simply keep practicing, or if I'm going to top out at my current stage (that's what it feels like right now).

First, it seems obvious to me, all of your bullet points are indicative of being in an orgasmic state. So you are already there, it is more a matter of you acknowledging this fact to enjoy it the most. Second, the techniques you are employing seem to be working well for you so I don't see any reason to suggest any major changes. It is important to keep in mind that this Aneros journey of learning is seldom a straight linear progression but rather a twisting path with stops and starts, slow movements, occasionally sprints forward and occasional steps back. I get the impression you are already aware of that but just need a little reminder.

My advice is to keep practicing as you have been, enjoying the progress you have already made, enjoying the orgasms you are already having. You may be experiencing a lull now but by continuing without specific expectations things will change and evolve to a higher level in time. You're doing well, just continue to go with the flow of what your body whispers to you.

Good Vibes to You!

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