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Three Days, Three Sessions, explosive results.

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This week I had three sessions spread over three days.

Session one and two were with the HST, the first session wasn't much to write home about, nothing of any note took place, I must admit I felt a bit deflated, my sessions have been really awesome of late, this happens though, not all sessions can be mind-blowing.

Rather than the 'do-nothing' technique on the second session I experimented with contractions, with some rather pleasing results, and a fabulous Super-O to finish. I should say at this stage that I didn't ejaculate at the end of either of these sessions, I'm convinced that made a difference on the third ride.

I had limited time for this the third session in three days. I've discovered it's not ideal to rush a session, to be thinking of the time, anyways thought I'd give its a go, after all I was feeling horny.

Tried a few different things on this session. No shower or douche, just lube and inserted the EST (my current fav.) lay back and relaxed, breathing exercises and as per previous ride, contractions. Twenty minutes into the session and P-waves galore, followed by a Super-O closely followed by another, by now I was super-horny and ended the session with a HFWO. The total length of this session just over an hour, one of the shortest sessions for months, but it shows how building up to it over a few days and not ejaculating has its rewards.

I spent the rest of the morning feeling relaxed and calm, no stress or worries.

I can't reiterate enough the joy and deep pleasure I get from my sessions, as many before me have said "it all about the journey".


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Well now, there must be something in the air this week. The last three days have been my best yet. P-waves within minutes of insertion (Aneros EST), and waves on waves of vibrating stomach-clenching ass-clenching spasms, in any position I chose to try: on my back, on either side, knees up, legs straight, on my belly, on my knees.  I stood up and let the waves roll through me, shaking like a leaf. I had to lean on the doorframe for support, and then started masturbating and flicking my nipples — neither interfered with the prostate contractions but added to my pleasure. After 2 hours of playing  I finally just lay flat on my back and masturbated (hands-on) to an intense orgasm. 

Then I slept, and woke a couple hours later for another round (I’d left the EST in place), and then a third round at dawn and finally slid the slender slippery little monster out of my ass. Three P-Sessions and three HOWOs makes for a busy night. 

Again that next night (but only twice, midnight and dawn!). Tonight I rested, with just a long lazy waking wank. 



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I've started feeling great pleasure, from nothing before. Congrats @canonprf  and @nice-sounding-guy

@nice-sounding-guy I don't douche either generally. I wear a disposable glove, lubricate real good, and "mop" up there. Usually the glove is clean and I proceed. 


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