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Oh my God!!!!!!!!!! Vice 2

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I am a 70 year old with ED issues.  My previous play has been with estim and I have had some wonderful hands-free orgasms.  Unfortunately my ED issues have taken that fun away.  Enter prostate massage.  After exploring the numerous reviews I settled on wanting a Lelo device.  Went to my local toy store but all they had was the Vice 2.  While most of the reviews were positive, it never was on top.  I decided to try it anyway because of the reputation of Aneros.

Following all of the protocols, my first time was underwhelming.  I felt like it was undersized and under powered.  After my session I began searching for a better alternative.  Well, the next day I went back to my Vice 2 again.  It was insane.  I got to the Super O state in about 40 minutes.  Here is how it happened for me.  

I started on program 15.  I find that it has a good pace and it feels amazing doing Kegels to the pace.  I would then relax a bit and switch to 17 for a time.  Then back to 15 and Kegels.  Back and forth for a while. After about 30 minutes I was getting a serious prostate massage feeling.  My mind could focus right on the spot and enjoy it immensely.  Over the next 10 minutes, the feelings just kept building and building until my lower body began shaking uncontrollably and my mind left my body.  I had to take a break so I switched the massage off.  I laid there a minute and began Kegels without the massage.  Oh my God, all of the ecstasy returned again.  A break.  A return.  Repeating several times until I had to stop.  In an exhausted, panting state, it took more the 20 minutes to relax. 

Needless to say, I won't be looking for any alternative devices.  I just can't wait for my third episode with my Vice 2.  I only hope my 70 year old heart can take it.  If not, what a way to go!


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@joebot , first welcome to the forum!  Congratulations on achieving a great level of pleasure with your new Aneros!  It only gets better from this ount on. We're ALWAYS happy to read good success stories!


For me,  I experienced a huge improvement in my ED condition since I initiated my Aneros prostate play.


Good vibes to you.


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The Vice 2 has become my favorite Aneros device. Even before I turn it on, just having it in place causes me to orgasm repeatedly, it stays in place and hits all the right spots, and it gets even better when I turn it on, just wonderful!

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