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First time

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Posted by: @newcomer69

If anyone here was also new at one time, I'd love to hear suggestions and advice. 

@newcomer69, All of us here on the Forums were " at one time...", please see the Sticky Introductory Message to New Members which has a few hints and tips to get your wonderful learning journey with the Aneros started.

Good Vibes to You!

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Welcome to a world of pleasure.

i highly recommend thoroughly reading the above link Rumel sent you, as well as the wiki male gspot page (in the above link). 

Fun riding!!

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Indeed the wiki and rumel's link will cover lots of questions you may have. I was new at one point (still am tbh,) but I've tried lots of stuff before I found the aneros. If it's a size issue thats got you kind of nervous, then don't worry too much, the helix is really easy to insert, and should be for you if you can fit 3 fingers. But read the info provided because that will answer most of your beginner questions and concerns.

Try to accept every session as a learning process or journey, instead of chasing a final destination. You will hear that a lot, but it's true. I believe the wisdom in it is constantly being refined and redefined in the minds of all of us who practice, throughout all skill levels.

Good hunting


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