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A Big Suprise During My First Ever Aneros Session

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Hello all, I hope everyone's had a fantastic day. I just got my Helix Trident in yesterday and gave it a spin last night. I had an amazing time with it, and felt so many more sensations than I thought I would. I need a little help categorizing what I felt into terms such as P-Waves, mini-o's, etc. so I'll describe how last night went.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

(I'm copying most of this from a reddit post I made, if there's anything I should expand on please let me know.)

I'm super surprised that I had so good of a time last night, I really wasn't expecting much to work right away since that'd been most peoples experience. After I tried to relax for a while on my own with the aneros in, I used the Mindgasm videos to get into the contractions. To my surprise, I ended up enjoying them way more than I thought I was going to. They were super helpful and I'll definitely be trying out the Patreon.  In lesson 1 at the end they have you practice the big squeeze, which caused me to have this glowing, bright, warm sensation right behind my dick area in the prostate for about 20 or so seconds. It was amazing, I couldn't believe I'd had this within the first hour. Throughout the night, I had one more instance of this glowing ecstasy feeling in my prostate, I believe it was brought on at a point in Lesson 2. In the first half of the lesson I had been toying with the contractions, doing relatively light ones with the intent of teaching myself how to exhaust the muscles. In the second half I was instructed to do bigger squeezes and one of these brought on this bright feeling again, like there was a lightbulb in my prostate that lit up. It feels warm and bright and fantastic. This time I definitely felt involuntaries, my pc muscle  and maybe my base spasmed wildly for about 30 seconds and spread a little ways through my butt/waist area instead of just focused pleasure on the walnut sized prostate. I only had these glowing feelings two times, where the pleasure was directly linked with the prostate and I could feel it clearly. Both times my dick immediately got rock hard, but that only added to the pleasure of the whole thing (not once did I touch it though, other than to move it from an uncomfortable position). Are these P waves, or mini o's? I have no idea what terms to link to them haha.

The rest of the session I had a handful of other great feelings. I was shocked that by contracting the right way holding it (doing the big squeeze) bring on a feeling I'd never experienced before. It's hard to describe, but it was pleasurable without directly feeling stimulating like the two glowing sensations I had felt before. I would contract and hold, and I could feel something in my balls or right behind them start to build up. I'd feel spasms of varying intensity build up in this area, when suddenly, my legs and/or hips would start shaking wildly. I couldn't believe that this was happening involuntarily to me, at first I felt like there's no way that this was actually happening, had I consciously caused myself to do that? After 5-10 of these waves (for lack of a better term for what to call them) I can safely say that this shaking was completely involuntary, something would cause my hips to just start shaking and I have no idea what. It's not even like it was super pleasurable either like the glowing feelings had been. I couldn't distinctly feel my prostate during these waves, but each one was good regardless.

Hopefully I can have a more comfortable session next time with less hassle. Since I just got a bunch of sex toys in yesterday, I had to clean them all off in secret as I still live at home and my family is far from accepting. I also clean out my colon like I would've liked to beforehand since I was having minor stomach issues. I had to get up frequently, either to clear out my colon or pee. After the three hour session, I finished off with a tenga fleshlight and so not only did I have to clean the aneros, but also this toy. Though I've never been diagnosed, I'm pretty sure I'm germophobic so it's hard to deal with the clean up right after I finish lol.

Regardless, the whole thing was hot as hell. Before I got the aneros, I was infatuated with the idea of my body having a mind of its own and shaking wildly, it's what aroused me most when watching videos of people using the device. I was very happy to have experienced this myself. I feel like I still enjoyed the two glowing feelings I had better though because I could clearly feel my prostate (and in the second one, I could tell I was having involuntaries the right way). Hopefully someday I can have both of these at the same time, my body moving on its own and the glowing feeling in my prostate. I don't believe I reached a super-o, but I'm really at a loss of how to define each of these sensations. I also am having a hard time distincting my pc muscle from my sphincter. I think I'm sort of able to contract two separate muscles, but it's hard to tell which one is the pc muscles used to stop pee, and which one is the anal sphincter. I also have a hard time telling how intensely I'm contracting and so I'm not always able to gauge if I'm doing a "75% contraction" as instructed, but this is probably just because I'm so new to this.  Any help would be appreciated!!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I look forward to the times ahead 🙂

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What a great first session! Sorry I don't have time to cover everything, but it seems you have some luck on your side to experience so much on your first go, that's quite a start, good job!  3 hours is a little long but I get that you must have been pretty excited and wanted to test everything, just keep an eye on any muscle discomfort, both the PC and sphincter will need a little time to tone up and you don't want to overdo it right at the start. 

There's a mindgasm thread floating near the top right now, I'm sure your comments would be appreciated. 

As for Aneros cleanup, what I do is wipe everything down first with a paper towel, then put the toys in a small plastic tub. Add soap and hot water, then it's not worse than doing the dishes, you're cleaning your hands at the same time, rinse everything well, clean the tub, wash your hands again, done, everything is safe and sanitary. Really it's not that bad and it's a lot better to just do it right away and be done with it. I'm sure you'll get more comfortable with this as you go. Good luck on your adventures!

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Posted by: @jacobee

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

First, Welcome to the Aneros Forums. I invite you to read my Introductory Message to New Members which has a few hints and tips to facilitate your learning/initiation journey with the Aneros.

Posted by: @jacobee

Are these P waves, or mini o's? I have no idea what terms to link to them haha.... I don't believe I reached a super-o, but I'm really at a loss of how to define each of these sensations.

I recommend you take a look at the Aneros WIKI Glossary to get familiar with some of the terms we use here in the Forum.

From the WIKI Glossary : "pleasure wave (P-wave) A feeling of sexual excitement and pleasure that normally originates in the lower abdominal and/or pelvic regions. P-waves may be localized or spread out all over the body. Some have suggested that the sensation feels like butterflies in the stomach (but lower in the abdomen) or as the feeling of sexual electricity associated with ones first touch from the first encounter with a lover. As the body becomes more sensitized with arousal amplification, pleasure waves become more common and can be produced by the Aneros or by other arousal amplification techniques. P-waves may be very subtle or intense."
Also from the Glossary : "mini-O A less intense non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically experienced in the early stages of developing non-ejaculatory orgasm skills. They are often focused in the pelvic area and involve a mild but distinct orgasmic contraction and sense of climax."

Words really fail when it comes to describing the ineffable sensations these prostate massagers can induce, so, please don't get hung up on trying to precisely describe them but accept and enjoy them in whatever form they may take. Please understand that these sensations will likely evolve over time, sensations you are having now at your beginning may later disappear as newer sensations are generated and dominate as you become more experienced with manipulating your massager.

Good Vibes to You!

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Congrats on your first session being such a success. I've been playing around with the Aneros for about a week now and haven't had such luck. I do experience pleasure though, and I know it's not helpful to compare with others.

I also recognize this lightbulb feeling, but I also get it after my sessions. It can appear an hour after a session when I'm doing something completely different that I just feel this glow in my prostate area. It's such a warm and cozy feeling but I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable the first time. Like there was a foreign object in my body.

Anyways, congrats again 🙂

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