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Extending My Prostate Orgasms

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Hi all,


I just wanted to post some thoughts and get some advice on how to progress along the journey.


First some of my thoughts for newbies (I may not be an advanced user but I've had some success with my Helix Syn V), the biggest advice I could give is that avoiding penile stimulation is a MUST. Every time I get impatient and start to try to produce sensations through penile stimulation it completely distracts me from the sensations I want to feel. Relaxation and concentration on the sensations you are feeling, and developing those sensations have helped me a lot in my progression.


However, I've come across a slight block that I'm trying to overcome. I've been able to produce the full-body orgasmic feeling, and I am able to produce it multiple times throughout a session. However, the sensation feels very "forced". I can slowly build to it and reach the involuntary contraction stage, but the orgasmic feeling doesn't occur by it's own will, there is no automatic involuntary progression to this sensation. I usually have to contract in a specific way to produce the full-body orgasmic feeling, but then it only lasts for maybe 5-10 seconds. I've tried to chain these sensations together in an attempt to extend the duration of these feelings, with a little success, but again it just feels very "forced".


I've even been able to produce these sensations A-less by contracting in a similar way. It almost feels like an echo of the sensations I feel with the Aneros inserted; not as intense but noticeably similar to the full-body orgasmic feeling. Again by forcibly contracting in a specific way.


I'm wondering if anyone has any input on where they think I am along the path, how much further I need to go to reach the extended full-body orgasms people describe on here, I feel like I'm close but there's one last piece to the puzzle I'm still looking for.


Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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I too was wondering if I was forcing my orgasms after I crossed over to being able to reproduce them pretty regularly. Then I just remembered we all experience orgasms differently and what I experience might not necessarily be forcing it. Just remember to enjoy what ever comes about as natural and there is no need to analyze what is correct and what is not.

Might I suggest instead to compare and contrast it to different Os you have had in the past and to see if you can experience something different next time. I have had so many terrific Os just resulting from different stimulation. Yes even none Aneros devices, Lovesense Edge 2 with an imported pattern was super trippy, I didn't even make it 10 mins before I had to stop from exhaustion. 

I also feel this makes it easier to have one. Has my mind is more open to exploring different possibilities. I might in the shower try a Aneros with the shower jet on the perineum. I had a interesting O with a njoy wand for stimulation of the prostate. Though like you I am a shaker so I standing Os are little less intense and shorter, I don't want to fall over.

You can say I am an explorer and if allow my mind to do it just about any erogenous zone is a turn on for me now as well as non vanilla stuff

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Posted by: @malf
Again by forcibly contracting in a specific way.

Have you tried incorporating a contraction in the opposite direction? I find when I do contractions, I unknowingly don't release them all the way. If I don't pay much attention to it, it can feel like a contraction has been released, but on closer inspection, there's still a small bit of tension there. I find contractions are more likely to repeat on themselves if I can fully release them. I've also found there can be pleasure on the release phase of the contraction that I often don't tune into. Just a few ideas/thoughts.


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