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DIY Tilt sensor vibration modification to MGX

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I would like to tell you about a modification I added to my MGX. In order to add additional features to my Aneros toys, I mounted a vibrator motor inside the MGX model and a rechargeable AAA battery to feed it, longitudinally outside the bottom base of the MGX. I covered it with silicone and glued it so that very little of the positive and negative poles of the battery would be exposed and I am able to connect a cable there for charging. I also connected a tilt sensor and 2 buttons to the circuit between the vibromotor and the battery, and placed them by carving the inside of the MGX and fixed them with silicone.

When I turn on the first button, the vibromotor will be ready to be fed via the tilt sensor. When I lift my legs and hips up while lying on my back, the tilt sensor will be connected and the vibromotor will start and when I lower my hips or in other positions, the tilt sensor will turn on and stop the vibration. So, most of the time during my Aneros sessions, I use my toy normally without vibration, and when I reach the plateau or feel that my sensations have stabilized, I lift my hips up and vibrate for a few seconds and my sensations come alive again, so my sessions become much more enjoyable than before.

Additionally, when I press the second button, the tilt sensor is bypassed and the vibromotor operates continuously in every position. I activate this when my sessions become longer and my feelings become deeper, so I can get a different pleasure from the continuous waves that shake me. I hope I was able to tell you about the improvement I made and I would like to hear your ideas (I don't speak english very well and I took help from google translate).

Actually, I would like the Aneros company to release such a tilt sensor model. If they are going to do this, I am sure that they will do it much more professionally and with much higher quality, not amateurishly like me. Good vibes to you all

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