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Am I having an orgasm?

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Hello all,

So I have been at this for a little while now.  I started with the MGX Syn Trident, and later picked up a Helix Syn V.  I found out recently, that I actually prefer the slimmer, more pointed contour of the Syn trident.  It feels absolutely wonderful in my rectum.

That all being said, I have read through many people accounts of what a prostate orgasm feels like.  My personal experience is that I am able to build up close to "something", although I cant identify if that something is an orgasm.  One thing I am doing is touching a vibrator to the base of the syn trident, which feels like i'm gonna lose my mind.....its amazing.  I get a few involuntary contractions but the big involuntary is when the finale happens.  Let me describe what I am feeling so someone can chime and tell me if this is an "orgasm".

I am fairly certain I have located my prostate.  It appears to be in the most common area of the male body as I can feel the "tickle" when I engage my PC muscle (I could be wrong).  The build-up occurs to the point to where all of my muscles lock really hard.  It feels pretty swollen in my arse and I maneuver the vibrator to shove the syn trident as far up my ass as possible, which feels better the further it goes (still going crazy at this point).  At some point, just about every core muscle engages, almost like I am doing a plank at the gym.  When this occurs, I hear all kinds of sputtering down around my ass.  Could be air, lube, poo, or any combination of those things squirting out of my ass.  When I do finally stop, lets just say that I am pretty exhausted, and a real mess.  I have attempted to empty my bowels and get everything as clean and prepared as possible (to no avail).  I have pre-cum leaking out in most cases.....but I never shoot a load (the PC muscle is pretty well exhausted by the time the muscle locking occurs).  As a matter of fact, when all this is going on, I would say my dick is pretty dead after the initial arousal period to get me in the mood.  And I can go right back at it and do this all over again after a breather.

Can anyone comment on this and tell me what I am experiencing?  

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Posted by: @biggeemac
Can anyone comment on this and tell me what I am experiencing? 

From your description of things I think you were experiencing a prostate based orgasm, but only you can say for sure. You need to understand that prostate based orgasms are qualitatively different from penile based ejaculatory orgasms. Please read the thread -> What's an Orgasm? for a little more perspective and then perhaps read @Buster 's thread What exactly is a Super-O? to get a wider perspective of what a Super-O is in reality.

Good Vibes to You!

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