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I decided to get an MGX T as a contest winner.The HST and the ET have been my go to models but I decided to take a free MGX just for something different.I was supprised at the girthy body and it sure does produce some new sensations and I like the ribbed stem!

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I have the classic MGX. It's my go to Aneros. It does the best job of stimulating my entire anal tract.  The ribbed stem is a definite plus. I haven't tried the  Trident model. I have the Classic Maximus. It's my second favorite.  I could never get anything from the highly recommended Helix. Nothing. Zip. Nada. The Eupho was nice, but not as good as my trusty MGX. The slightly flared stem on the Eupho gently stimulates the outer sphincter producing some pleasant sensations. 

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These are interesting reviews! Thank you for sharing how devices work and are pleasurable for you both.

The ribbed stem was not something that my body likes. It was too rough on my anus, and would make it sore after not too long a time. The grip it lent was great, but the texture was too much for my tissue.

Fortunately, all of our bodies are different, and it is up to us to figure out what works best!

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@morpheusmcgee Ever considered sanding down the ribs? I just read of someone sanding a part they didn't like on an Aneros model. He then polished with baking soda, water, toothpaste. I would definitely practice on another ABS plastic first (assuming its not syn).

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