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A Newbie’s Fun Progression

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I’m a relatively new user from earlier this year. Historically, I have not experienced any real significant sensations in most of my sessions but have been encouraged by the forum and other people’s journeys. I started my journey with the helix syn v and program jr. But over 2022, I’ve been able to slowly acquire most of the Aneros models to find what best works for me — turns out, I enjoy the of variety of different sensations they all offer. In the last 4 weeks, had some more significant sensations to keep me engaged and encouraged in the journey. For example, the MGX has been very springy and had the most involuntaries involved than the others. The eupho was a surprise, as my muscles have strengthened and I’ve gotten more precise with my movements, I’ve really enjoyed playing with this one — very subtle, but quite enjoyable. Lastly, when I decided to finally try the program during traditional sex, I had an earth shattering super T — incredible! My wife and I love it now during traditional! Overall we’ve appreciated the journey too because it’s helped us have better control and quality of intimacy — with more awareness of the body, muscle strength, and control. We’ve had better sex than a long time, which is awesome for both of us!


Advancing the journey this month, I’ve experienced and enjoyed more involuntaries with a few vibration modes on the syn v when learning to relax more and find the nuance good feelings and keeping the aneros right there. It’s been great control practice for the pc muscles. Nothing too exciting, but auto movement and body response is cool.


That being said, last night I had some legit breakthroughs to new heights though. I inserted the MGX and after some relaxing static stretching, I laid flat on my back. Since I’ve never really had any luck with my knees up or butt elevated, I decided to try flat. It feels really natural, and it’s easy to be relaxed. After a while, I started feeling increasing sensations building like previous times. It starts feeling really good, pressure starts building, I get an erection, and the inside area around the prostate gets tight and full feeling. Involuntaries build, sensations and pleasure builds, and pressure/tightness builds. This time, however, it went farther than ever before. I focused on the good feelings, maximizing them by keeping subtle movement happening despite the tightness, and ignoring the penis. I know that part of these results was the much smaller, focused movements with my PC muscles rather than the sphincter muscles I used to use before I knew where everything was and what it did. This felt really good and reached a level not yet achieved, but plateaued. Like at the edge of a cliff, but not able to topple over. Eventually between muscle exhaustion and the tightness, the ramp up subsided to normal-ville. That whole process was about 45 mins.


I flipped to my stomach, and over the course of the next hour ramped it up again the same way. The peak was yet again higher than before, but again couldn’t “crest” it per-say. This was another 45 mins of fun. Nevertheless, I wasn’t allowing myself to get frustrated because it felt amazing and I was excited for the progress. If felt like the tightness was partly due to my erection’s inability to be fully erect because it was against my body. So it was a distraction against the clothes or bed (in the face down position).


So, I took another run face up for another 45 mins, but this time, I moved my penis laying up and to the left against my abdomen. So it could get up with minimal contact, pressure, or friction with anything — trying to eliminate the distraction there. Repeated previous steps and before no time was back to riding the ramp up. This time, even higher level, higher heart rate, and pleasure. But not like an orgasm, while it felt amazing, it definitely felt like I was on the edge of incredible intensity. This time, I knew the PC muscles would get tired again at the peak and the tightness would fight the movement like before, so I decided to involve my sphincter muscles more this time to keep back and forth momentum and try to see if that would topple me over. I got higher than the 1st and 2nd times, and I was so “almost there” that I couldn’t help but hold my breath for a few moments b/c it was right there! Then, same as before, it subsided.


I tried it one more time on my stomach. I knew it was a long shot by now, so I wasn’t going to keep going unless the ramp up started. But sure enough, it did, so I was down! Even though the penis was in contact with the bed, in its new position, it didn’t really distract. Similar ramp up to ramp up #3. Felt awesome. I tried to keep the sphincter muscles a little less involved this time and focused on the involutaries and the pc subtle movements. Held it for the longest time out of the four, but never crested. #3 and #4 are the most evident on my Whoop strap, as you can see the heart rate clearly ramp up and spike the highest. Pretty cool.


Any tips or ideas of what to do for when I’m “right there?” I definitely know the rewiring is working as the good sessions keep building on each other, but I know my body still doesn’t know what to fully do with all this. So I know it doesn’t yet know how to orgasm this way. But it now knows it was wicked close to something. Reminded me of my first ejaculatory orgasm, I had no idea what was happening — similar feeling of bewilderment, excitement, and wonder — The thought is, “Whaa… Something’s happening!!”


Appreciate your time!

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Posted by: @wa11fl0wer

Any tips or ideas of what to do for when I’m “right there?”

It sounds like you are progressing quite nicely. The best suggestion I can make is when you are aware that you are on the cusp of the orgasm is to remain focused on all those luscious sensations, stay in the moment and just enjoy it, keep doing good deep breathing and continue to ride that wave, time to "Just Let Go !". You never know when the wave may surge up and you find yourself surfing down the face of a Super-O wave.

Good Vibes to You!

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