• Eupho Sym rear view video — comments welcome

    You couldn't see what it was doing in the other videos; so I made one with a close up of my ass. Tried to finish wet, but had no fluid in storage.

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  • Back to the Helix Syn

    I tried going back to my Helix Syn and was rather disappointed. It did not give me the same sort of sensations I get from the Eupho Syn and just sort of sat there in my butt. I did get some orgasms up to maybe…

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  • Six hours of ecstasy – 2 videos available. Comments encouraged.

    With my wife out of town, I had time available for a long session. I lubed up with internal lube, vasoline and astroglide ultra gentle gel. I popped it in and very soon was cruising with calm seas about level 5 and peaks at about…

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  • Checking back.

    I'll be checking back with the Peridise beginner big one in a few minutes as I watch the Us Open just to see what it does for me now that I have more experience.

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  • Happy to meet you, Mr. Progasm! Video available. Comments encouraged.

    Well I was a little daunted seeing the progasm; it was pretty big, but I was getting those little twitches and twinges that I used to get when I was a kid and I knew I was getting laid that night. And my bunghole was…

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  • Posted a video of a peridise session with commentary. Comments encouraged.

    Go to YuVuTu.com and search for Aneros. Let me know what you think.

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  • Nice peridise video

    I took a video of a session that came out better than expected. I could call it "Howling at the Moon". I kept up a running commentary from lubing and insertion. Had a number of good SuperO's, finished off with a wet one. Not bad…

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  • Peridise is a tricky little devil.

    I popped it in, and had a nice session for about an hour. When things calmed down, I gave myself a wet one, and went to sleep with it inserted. Morning … I don't have to get up and pee tremendously, so I reach for…

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  • Back to the helix syn

    Well, I had a chance for a session with my wife away … I thought I'd try going back to the helix after using the eupho for the last few. This time I was not trying to run a commentary; just letting the ride drive…

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  • Back to the Eupho Syn with trepidation

    Well, after having such a huge Aneless ride the other night, I lubed up with a lot of trepidation about what the Ephos Syn would do to me. I got on the chat, and found that since I had a new Ipad, I was running…

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