• Happy to meet you, Mr. Progasm! Video available. Comments encouraged.

    Well I was a little daunted seeing the progasm; it was pretty big, but I was getting those little twitches and twinges that I used to get when I was a kid and I knew I was getting laid that night. And my bunghole was nickering like a mare in heat so I decided to try making a video of it like I did with the peridise.
    I squirted a bunch of lube in me, put the camera in place and turned it on, lubed the progasm, put it in, and it didn't take very long to really start working.
    The main difference of this one from the helix was that this one was not mobile at all side to side, when I changed positions it popped right out; so I have to sort of keep pushing it back and now through the session. Interesting that the ride was really nice feeling and progasm was really feeling good in my butt and I had myself a nice set of lovely really high excitement orgasms.
    I couldn't get to a real wet one at the end because I already had had one earlier in the day.
    The video is now available at YuVuTu.com search for Aneros.

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