• Back to the helix syn

    Well, I had a chance for a session with my wife away … I thought I'd try going back to the helix after using the eupho for the last few.
    This time I was not trying to run a commentary; just letting the ride drive on.
    It's a much more solid ride … Put on the smooth jazz channel and I started involuntary thrusting after about ten minutes …
    minis built into supers, and I was howling at the moon. On my belly, I was thrusting, but without the hallucination of being female I've been experiencing with the eupho. I had a lot of trouble keeping it in; almost lost it several times and had to reach back, barely keeping it from popping out. Onto my back after an hour, and went for a superT. Jeez, that was a good feeling! Still, I didn't really get an ejaculation. Although I built through about four increasingly severe supero's, and I finally got the hit of endorphins that just about knocked me out. I did manage to get it together enough to clean everything cleaned up and snuggle under the Pendleton blanket.
    I have been inviting three or four aneless O's maybe up to a super, before I fall asleep. Maybe I should join the blue ball club for a week or so and see whether I've actually lost the capability for a full wet one. Does anybody know the sensations of a retrograde ejaculation? For the last year or so I'd been getting a mild pain in my balls just before ejaculation. This has stopped. Rewired, I guess. But I sort of had that nice empty day-after feeling in the morning.
    It's a journey!

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