• Back to the Eupho Syn with trepidation

    Well, after having such a huge Aneless ride the other night, I lubed up with a lot of trepidation about what the Ephos Syn would do to me.
    I got on the chat, and found that since I had a new Ipad, I was running a step by step travelog of the journey. Since my mike did not work, trying to get an audio for my next ride, I thought it would be worth it seeing how distracted I was.
    Actually with the distraction of texting on an unfamiliar computer, and answering questions from a guest, the ride was pretty good, if not totally mindblowing.
    Built from a few contractions ten minutes in on my side to a few howling supers. Then on my belly, I went into my usual hallucination of being a woman with my lover in my pussy. Called in Cher to handle it, since I don't have a pussy. Long discussion with the guest of recreational multiple personalities. Ended up relaxed with a couple of final supers.

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