• What has aneros-use ever done for me?

    There are obvious things that aneros use, and other techniques, have done for me. For one, I am now a multi-orgasmic man, and could perhaps even claim to have had many super-Os. Is this what aneros use has done for me? Well it is a…

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  • Long time, no aneros

    Well it has been a LONG time since I had my last aneros session – several months? I ripped the patellar tendon off my kneecap in February, had an operation to replace it, and promptly developed acute urine retention. Great! Better still was the assumption…

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  • Session with leg in plaster – aneros-induced healing?

    I was working at home yesterday, and getting hassled and stressed, when it hit me – I needed to have an aneros session. I say it hit me, because it did – it was a SUDDEN intense desire, and I knew I had to do…

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  • Surprise Attack of Spontaneous Dry Orgasms

    I didn't get much sleep last night. At 4am, I awoke and had that “I am not going to go back to sleep feeling”. I was lying there, feeling warm under the duvet, and with my hand cupping my balls, when it suddenly occurred to…

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  • The virtues of temporary ejaculatory abstinence versus quenching the fires of horniness

    I have carried on with my temporary ejaculatory abstinence, as propounded by Chia in "The Multi-Orgasmic Man". I am even more aroused than I would otherwise have been, and I have learnt to love that feeling of horniness, instead of being frustrated by it, and…

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  • Anerosless dry orgasms in sex

    Had a 3-some with my life-partner this weekend, and was astounded as before that the slightest touch can trigger a dry orgasm in me, and that I can now have tens if not hundreds of these during sex. I have to warn potential new sexual…

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  • Anerosless Ecstasy and Auto-Thrusting

    Had a horny morning yesterday, and thought I should add it to the blog. Woke up very horny, and began nipple stimulation whilst still half asleep. My nipples had been stimulated already by the duvet cover, and as soon as I touched them, mini-orgasms started….

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  • Maybe not so old? Dry orgasms and non-orgasmic ejaculation

    A brief introduction. I am a 50 year old gay man, who has been at this for 2 years. No super-Os that I can identify thus far, but plenty of action. Started with the helix, and have added the eupho. I have more recently also…

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