• Maybe not so old? Dry orgasms and non-orgasmic ejaculation

    A brief introduction. I am a 50 year old gay man, who has been at this for 2 years. No super-Os that I can identify thus far, but plenty of action. Started with the helix, and have added the eupho. I have more recently also added Taoist inspired ejaculatory abstinence, which has moved my experiences on dramatically. As a result I now have regular dry orgasms in sex and whilst masturbating, even without using an aneros, but in return I have to restrict the frequency of ejaculatory orgasms.
    This morning, I awoke very horny after just 3 days abstinence. My partner gently stroked my upper back a couple of times, and gave me some nice mini-orgasms there and then. I decided I would get up and work, but I was just so damn horny. I went to the toilet (is there such a thing as too much information?) and had a few more mini-orgasms as I had a pee and more. I cleaned up afterwards, and went back to bed, still half asleep.
    Started to get VERY hard, and touched my nipples and seemed to get even harder. I spontaneously began thinking about my aneros and how good it might feel slipping across my prostate, but work beckoned, and I decided to wank instead. It was then that I discovered just how horny I really was. I was like a thing possessed. I wanked myself to the edge several times, and had some really strong dry orgasms as I relaxed back into them from just before the point of no return. The precum was flowing, and I fingered my foreskin, and gave myself some more dry orgasms. [I just had a dry orgasm while typing, thinking about how intense they had been].
    After about 20 minutes, I knew there was only one course of action, I HAD to get the aneros out. My model of choice today was the helix – something told me that the more positive contact with the prostate was what I was looking for. This was to be the first aneros session in some weeks.
    I lubed up with Gun Oil, and noticed a slight burning sensation on my anus, and frowned a little as a result. Pushing the helix in dispelled or over-rode any burning, and I gasped out loud instantly, as it made contact with my prostate and settled into place. More gasps, as the sensations spread out through my body. A short break, where I practised my breathing technique, and then more gasps, (actually screams of pleasure) as the aneros was apparently sucked into me, by a large involuntary contraction. More of these followed, and became very regular, and seemed to be growing in intensity. I occasionally got some large leg muscle quaking, but not as much as a few months ago – these seem to be on the decline – perhaps I am no longer "shorting myself out" as someone commented in the forum? My arms twitched quite a bit, and my head would be thrown to the right as it rested on the pillow. All of a sudden the sensations ramped up, and my legs and abdomen conspired to throw my legs up in the air as the orgasms followed one after another. My legs raised in this involuntary fashion, added further to the sensations, which brought on further dry orgasms, now separated by very short gaps. Occasional leg and abdominal muscle vibrations and small movements would herald yet more dry orgasms. All of this time, I had no erection, although once or twice it felt like I had precum or cum travelling along my urethra, which was a wonderful feeling.
    A problem I have suffered from since starting ejaculatory abstinence is blue ball syndrome. I decided I would get myself hard, still with the aneros inserted, and wank a little, since I have discovered that after a period without an erection, I can force an ejaculation of mostly precum, without orgasm, which clears the tubes and avoids the dreaded blue ball syndrome. I reached a point, where I was relaxed but could feel the ejaculate being released. I just needed to relax a bit more, pull back on my foreskin, and a partially voluntary and involuntary contraction of the muscles responsible for ejaculation, propelled a thick wodge of precum up my body and over my head on to the pillow. I let my erection subside and felt the aneros taking control again. There was now a strong sense of excitement building, but after 5 more minutes the urge to carry on was overridden by the need to get up, have some breakfast, and get on with the rest of the day.
    This was a moderate to good session as my experiences go. The dry orgasms were great, as was the sense of building arousal/excitement, and the sensation of precum moving in my urethra. The non-orgasmic ejaculation was rather interesting too, this being the first time I have tried the technique with an aneros inserted.

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